Advanced Riding Skill Bug - No Khitai Mounts (Bug for New Accounts after Skullgate update)

I am so confused.

  • Advanced Riding was 50 gold worth at some point. Now it’s 5 gold. But you can’t buy it.
    Not even a message pops that tells you that ‘‘you can’t afford it’’ neither ‘‘you already have this item’’ just nothing. No response. You click in thin air.

This is a bug that breaks Khitai faction mounts because you need Advanced Riding in order to Purchase Exotic Creature Handling.

Many people with New Accounts after Skullgate Pass update report this issue but was non-existant before the update

Don’t know if it’s a F2P issue only or for Premium users too. I will be honest i am currently quite afraid trying to go Premium because of people reporting Account frozen after payment & One year subscription still not active etc. If i go 1 Year Premium (Khitai Faction stuff requires it) and the problem still persists or my account freezes i will be smashing my head.

I guess it’s a F2P issue. Tried to buy it on a F2P char and it didn’t work but i could buy and use it on a Premium char.

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Ah thank you. That solves it. Maybe after the Handout of Advanced Riding with the Stygian Desert Stallion during last Anniversary they left the Gold number at 5 but it’s in reallity 50 then… Ok.

I have the same problem, i cant´t buy the Advanced Riding for 5Gold,
i am F2P.

No it’s 5 gold, thats what i paid. Don’ t know why it doesn’t work on F2P chars.

That’s very weird…

correct. that bug is known. do a petition and the gms will assist you with this issue.

Found this old thread Maybe the restrictions for Mount Training still exist and have nothing to do with the price.

What a mess…
All that hassle to unlock Gold Cap and Mounts but rewards as Premium? Nah. Just a 30% increase to XP (too low - too greedy) time train AAs (takes still too much) Price benefits? (still overpriced) and generally too much for a 2010 game that is unexplainable overpriced.

Godslayer - Dragonspine only things worth getting and Inventory + Additional Specs.
Thanks all.

that is outdated. the current f2p restrictions are not those any more.

I know that, but i’m not sure about the Mount Training if they changed it or if it’s the old.

And something we all forgot here. Even if you could buy Advanced Riding it would be useless for F2P players because the horses cost 50 gold and Exotic Riding costs 20 gold. I don’t remember now if you can use it in some other way.

Didn’t they say advanced riding was available for everyone when they reduced its price to 5G, because anyone f2p would not be able to use the event reward of that period.

Also, some people have the Exotic riding in their claims.

No, And they just reduced the price for advanced riding but not the restriction that F2P can’t use it i guess.

In my eyes, the price change to 5g was to put it lower than the gold cap for f2p accounts.
I got it delivered by a GM on a f2p account following a petition, and they said they were aware of the issue, and that a fix was prepared.

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