Advanced single animal pens

Love the single animal pens but can we get more advanced options for these like the larger animal pens have so that we can gain the bonuses?

There is no bonuses. They are for looks only. I haven’t looked at them with a repair hammer lately, but I’m not even sure they have more HP. If so, that’s the only bonus they get.

Advanced tanners table first then we’ll talk about this animal pen business :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Isn’t crafting speed different? The wiki says there is


Yes crafting speed is different


Yes, there was a misconception for a while that there were no bonuses, even the wiki made this claim, but that has been 100% debunked and the wiki is currently accurate.

The better pens have more health, more inventory space, faster crafting, and give a better decay reduction bonus (with the Armored Pen being the best decay reduction in the game aside from the fridges stocked with ice).


The question I have is about the rocknose precious metal production…with the 88% boost that means about 20 dust per rocknose/day…that isn’t that bad.

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