Advice needed to fend off abusers

Build up high where the bosses can not get to. Off the ground.
We had the scorpion king dragged over to our base. They cant break, what they cant touch

This spot is 6 stories above the rock plateau its built on. The picture is from the roof of our base.

OR out in the water here NOTHING can get you. If you cant touch bottom, they cant move past that point.
We are on a modded Solo server, so we thought we would have some lake front property

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A valid solution.

I’m going to take heat for this, fine.

But this is why I’ve always called PVE “passive aggressive PvP”. :rofl:


Isn’t this a surefire recipe for spawning the Purge inside your base?


I must say posts like these really make me want to join the PvE servers where this is happening, These players who mess with PvE players and try to bring PvP to those that are not looking for it. Makes me want to show them what PvP is like and make them remember why they left PvP in the first place. I wonder how much they would appreciate someone who has no interest in PvE besides going super griefer on the those that grief others.

I know people will say this isn’t the answer and it might just make them worse, and they are likely right, but at the same time it’s just in my nature, I hate it when people get away with this BS because no one wants to escalate further. In most cases I will agree to avoiding escalation, but in a computer game you can best believe I will escalate till they hate me with a passion and are begging me to leave the server :D.

The only thing preventing me from doing this at the moment is that I really don’t have the time for that kind of nonsense, but once I take some leave from work you can best believe I will be super tempted to join your server and find the group doing this.


Hobo the wise or hero of the people? Only time will tell.

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Hahaha I’m no hero… Just a man with a cape :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, yesterday it happened to me. My 2 bases are mostly defenseless, as i didn’t dare to put out many thralls, as i don’t know how many thralls i still have standing around in the middle of nowhere. I have been speaking up in Global chat against the purge pullers and started to rebuild one of the bases to higher ground.
When i logged on yesterday to move my stuff, i have been purge pulled and basically all my resources are gone. 1 1/3 years of farming, 3 vaults and 400 chests, all gone.
Those players know how to generate purges quickly and are using them to grief others, it is not a defense mechanism, it is a griefing mechanism. I am on 1036 pve-c.
As for being a jerk, I spent all my time helping new players and due to the abysmal way funcom is implementing the thrall changes and griefers abusing the mechanic, i can now either start over or quit after 2 years of playing.

I can tell you exactly who those guys are :smiley:

has not happened yet. the buildings on rock can still be attacked, they just cant break anything.
Our waterborne bases, dont know. Have not had a purge yet.

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