Advice on opening my Gportal server

So ive had this server for awhile, only me and my family played. unfortunately only I play now and Ive been debating opening it up.

I was thinking a world were all play styles are welcome. But any way

I want to keep it password protected, so I guess I give password to new players, Im worried about toxic players, cheaters and griefers If they need to be removed, then I guess I change password correct?

Also I noticed in Gportal a banned section (obvious) but what does whitelist mean and what is it used for.

I havnt figured out exactly what I want to do yet but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you want to play with others it may be in your best interest to join another private server. I am sure you have found it very difficult to find servers with lots of players on. I currently struggle with this too. It seems every server I join lately has no players during my time, those that do have a few people usually know each other and do not want to let others into their clan or they have no desire to join other clans. If you want to be admin it will take some recruiting to get people there and it could take a while to get population up.

I do not know what the servers costs are but is it something you want to keep paying for only a few? I guess with family playing it likely doesn’t matter the cost but now that has changed for you.

Changing the password is always an option, but it’s less secure as there’s nothing preventing players from sharing it amongst themselves. If it’s your server, and you’re the admin, you can always ban troublemakers. I highly recommend the Pippi mod; it’s super-configurable & makes dealing with stuff like that a snap from inside the game.

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