Aesir PC Server Recruitment PVE-C (PVP Weekends)

Hey all,

So, after playing this game for well over two years… Some friends of mine and I have made a server our way and we’re hoping you’ll like it too.

A lot of the settings create more difficult gameplay and that’s intentional. It takes away from the gameplay when you set everything to 10x and we’re not running a raiding server (Raiding is allowed though).

Server max is 40 and we have a very active group of 3 admins to help out if something is wrong. One of our admins has built a very large arena for constant PVP fun and he’s always looking to get people involved in his shenanigans. We’re not the types who are going to entertain you though, we have the server setup and we will take that seriously, but we are just here to keep the sandbox alive and healthy for you. :slight_smile:

We’re looking to make this a fun and interactive little community. If that is something you are looking for, look over our settings below and hop on our discord and get going! :smiley:

Server name Aesir
Server settings:

  • Server max 40
  • Server time MST
  • Server update and restart daily at 5AM
  • No mods at all
  • PVE-C, raiding is allowed Saturday Sunday
  • Avatars are disabled
  • XP is 0.5, makes leveling up part of the game and makes it more fun
  • Night cycle 0.8
  • Thirst and Hunger 0.2
  • Item spoil 0.2
  • Resource respawn 0.5
  • Thrall decay disabled
  • Building abandonment disabled
  • Purge level 4 (Might change it to 6)
  • Purge Delay 30 minutes
  • Purge Duration 45 minutes
  • Min Purge players 1
  • Purge trigger 15k