Aferlife - Rise of the Exiles. PvE, Pippi, Emberlight, Fashionist. Long-running server


We’ve got a nice server running. There hasn’t been a wipe since January of 2019. Our goal is to perform regular cleanups of abandoned properties so that long-term players don’t get wiped.

Settings are closer to vanilla. Difficulty is increased by 20%, with a 10% boost in experience gained and a boost to harvest rates. There is a lot of additional content added via Pippi (vendors, quests, challenges, player city, an economy), and there’s a lot to help new players get started. We’re a mature community of friendly and helpful people. The addresses for our server are:
Direct Connect: steam://connect/
In-game direct: IP – Port 7777
Steam Listing: “Afterlife Rise of the Exiles”. For this one, just choose Internet, “Server with Mods”, and “Full Server”. Put “Afterlife” in the name field and it should pop up.

I’ll be on Tuesday, June 30th, after 8PM Eastern time for “Abuse your Admin” night. That’s when you can make all kinds of requests and as long as they’re not egregious (“Give me the best purge thralls!”), I’ll cater to you. Need a helping hand or extra supplies? Just call on Klaatu for help.

I’ll also be on Thursday night after 9PM Eastern Time giving out freebies and goodies to all players, both old and new.

Hope to see you soon. :smiley: