After 12 and a half years

I finally got my nickname back, wow, talk about patience! :slight_smile: I re-subbed for 1 year on the spot, maybe nostalgia? Anybody who still plays and remembers me? I am wanting to take Dohtem back up to endgame, starting from level 1. If anyone is interested in coming a long for the ride let me know. Most likely will start this in a few days. Anyway hope to see and talk to some familiar faces soon. I’m playing on Blindead/Nevaeh/Santana/Domebuster right now and in proper fashion when I last quit I gave away all my phats, lol, so I have to work on gearing them all up to be pvp ready.


Hi mate - yet another comeback for you :wink:

Hey Rhap, hope you are well, are you still playing these days? I was on a few hours this weekend and didn’t see you.

Haven’t played in a few years now mate no.

How you enjoying it?

It was good, I got some pvp in, lots of changes! Working on my doc right now, yesterday I made an endgame sol sneak from me on BS on my unfinished doc. The good ol’ teleport and sneak trick. Also I am considering leaving css setup on my trader for awakened armor. Lots to do but I am enjoying it, casually playing not hardcore 4-6 hours a day.