After 12 days of farming a thrall



This feature is so anti-fun, that it can’t be intentional.

I too have given up a little. I hope they implement Vanity Slots, so I can forget about Legbiter, forever.


Reptillian and Zingarian have no T4 armorer so far.

I got myself a T3 in the meantime for zingarian as I wanted my second base themed as a pirate ship (Base is a ship) :stuck_out_tongue:


right, I totally forgot about the the freebooter-armor which I need so badly for my desired build (either freebooter or vanir… sigh…)
There isn’t even a named Zingaranian Armorer in the spawntables :confused:


I reached 301 kills still no Grrrrrrrrrrrr

My t4 haul thusfar is:

Armorer - Oisun the Smith 3*
Blacksmith - Conall the Hammer
Blacksmith - Alumit Anvilbrow
Cook - Galacus the Gourmand 2*
Dancer - Bohdan the Flexible
Dancer - Senk the Pillowdancer
Smelter - Noam of Akkharia

anyone want to trade a Grrrrrrrrrr for a Oisun on #1006? :frowning:


I’ve got a better deal.

5 Conall the Hammers for a Grrrrrrrrrr.

Any body?

I’ll throw in 3 Enis Ironwroughts.



I’ll settle for Senk, as I fear my only one will starve before I can feed her.


Im closing in on 400 kills (379 now) still no Grr
In the last ~80 kills i added:
Blacksmith - Alumit Anvilbrow (second one)
Carpenter - Ros-Crana o’ the Dells
Tanner - Zarono the Scented


I finally got bored enough to install DevKit. (Which is very time-consuming to install, wow.) Once I got it up and running, it didn’t take me long to find the random NPC spawn table, WeightedSpawnTableRow, and it didn’t take me long skimming it to figure out how random thrall spawns work. For each artisan type and faction, there’s a four line table specifying the weighted chance of spawning a low, medium, high, or legendary (t1-4) thrall, and then a separate table for each tier showing what random spawns are possible.

For most artisan types, the odds are 56% tier 1, 37% tier 2, 6% tier 3, and 1% tier 4. So if, for example, you’re looking for one particular named armorer at the Black Galleon, where there are five possible named armorers, your odds of finding him or her are exactly 2 in 885 (per spawnpoint).

I haven’t found the tables for totally-random artisan, yet. But if it first rolls an even chance of alchemist, armorer, blacksmith, carpenter, entertainer, smelter, tanner, taskmaster? That would suggest that the odds of finding Grr Legbiter are 1 in 3,540.

There’s rare … and then there’s stupid-rare.


Those and Conall the Hammer are the most common named I can find >_>

Would even appreciate Zavek (Even tough you could get one from mounds of the dead), at least it would be something different.


well, i have found my second one… so, again i have no complaints about the rarity of a thrall… but i uderstand your concern. i feel the chances are not as low as you mention it. i always find one t4 per day , two when random gods are pleased. but if you camp the place 1 hour per day , i am sure it will be a lot of days before finding it.

i am missing 2 named armorers i have been unable to find yet…


I am closing in on 400 kills, With spawns taking a bit over 15 minutes i am over 100 hours of camping for 1 Thrall. Is that rare enough to complain?


well, you are after specific thrall , in a place where lots of them spawns. have you gotten other useful ones?

or if its not Grr you kill and dispose any other t4?


Remember that the current camp where Grrr Legbiter spawns is a mistake by the developers most probably, so the absurdity of his spawn rate is “justified”. That doesn’t mean it’s fine tough. I camp the spot for hours everyday, and many days I get no named spawning. Other times, maybe one thrall (Always Conall, Alumit, Ros-Crana, Zarono and some smelter I forgot the name) in 4 hours or more.

The worst thing out of all this? We get no answers from funcom about the named thralls that lack a spawn (Njorn, Reptile armorer and Zingarian armorer not existing), or even some being way too rare.


i think it is intended., its a mistake that will be in many different spawn points,… so i think they are moving in the right direction.


Well still no Grrr.

But i did catch Zavek.
This would have been met with much joy had he crafted something I can’t already make.

Which brings me to this. Why is there only one armorer who can craft Hyperborean (and Vanir for that matter), when there are multiple that can craft pretty much all others?
Also why is it that a Dafari, from the region furthest from Hyperborea, is the only one with the knowledge?


What do you consider useful? Next to armorers there are only a few blacksmiths that have their own skillset (things that only they can make) all the other t4’s are interchangeable. So a T4 carpenter that i catch here cant make any other things then any other t4 carpenter.


well i am after their names for my collection , so if i dont have it, its usefull for my own goals.

zavek can do the same as werk of the lost tribe.



Finally Grrr Legbiter spawned! Took me over a month of daily camping the place for hours (Not kidding)…

Can finally move on and do other things. Geez what a huge pain in the ■■■ that was.




Wish i had him spawn.

Im at 444 kills now.

I got the following t4’s thusfar.
Armorer - Oisun the Smith 3*
Armorer - Chelkus the Smith
Armorer - Orqina Steeltongue
Blacksmith - Conall the Hammer 2*
Blacksmith - Alumit Anvilbrow 3*
Carpenter - Ros-Crana o’ the Dells
Carpenter - Hodur the Humble
Cook - Galacus the Gourmand 2*
Dancer - Bohdan the Flexible
Dancer - Senk the Pillowdancer
Smelter - Noam of Akkharia 2*
Tanner - Zarono the Scented

So a named every 8 hours of camping


Screen or it didnt happen!

Gratz bdw:)