After 12 days of farming a thrall



Ok, you must not be on an Official Server… 14hours and you got em all included Grr???

Im at 22hours and only 2 Named Thralls (Zonano the Scented - Tanner) TWICE!!

Thats 86 spawns… since its 15min per spawn.

Or better yet… what am i doing wrong?


I’ve been at it for a day and a half minus sleep and work.
Best I’ve seen is 2 tier 2 dancers and a hyborian smelter 3.

Its gonna be a long campaign.


It’s a dilemma…

On official you feel everything is legit, but then you godda deal with player-hating shyte like this… because it’s made legit. Artificial value-adding through incredible time investment.

On singleplayer or unofficial everything is dandee… but then you lose it all either to a wipe or the server closing, or you open the admin panel and finish the entire game with a few clicks by de-valueing everything.


Just got chelkus the smith - armorer.

That’s the first named out of 39 spawns.


Currently at: Official Server

Spawns: 98
T4 Thrall: 3
Tanner Zanono the Scented (2)
Performer Brohdan the Flexible

T3 Thrall: 5


I found her on ps4 3-4 weeks ago. Official pve-c server.


Does this guy make legendary repair kits?

Does anyone know if this guy can spawn on the ps4 since we are still on the pre 500 patch.


The main guy we looking for is Grrr Legbiter. Armorer. Makes FLawless Hyperborean Armor


109 Spawns
T4 Thrall - 5
T3 Thrall - 6

Watch it live all day…


yeah, I understood that but in the conversation there was talk of a purge blacksmith. I think it was decided that the legendary one that makes repair kits doesn’t spawn there though.


This is correct. its not on the spawn table


Quick Update

Total Hours: 35hrs
Total Spawns: 140
T4 Thrall: 6
T3 Thrall: 7


Besides Grr Legbiter, any other important thrall to look out for?

Kinda camping the area when I can but don’t want to be here for longer than I should considering it’s quite boring.


I believe there are 3 Armorers here. Grr Legbiter, Chelkus and Irmiz


I’ve got a named armorer for all armors besides;

Hyborean, Lizard, Cimmerian, Vanir and there’s no Zingarian T4 armorer atm so I’m using a T3 for now.

Wiki doesn’t have much information on the armorer thralls that spawn there sadly, so it’s mainly word of mouth on what they are capable to do.


Hyperborean - Grrr Legbiter - Random Thrall spawn shown above
Lizard - Siesse Blacktongue - ???
Cimmerian - Werk of the Lost Tribe - Mounds of the Dead
Vanir - Njorer Battleborn - New Asgarth (maybe bugged)
Hyena - Harkin the Fleecer - Purge

These are notables


Hyena there’s 2 armorer thralls in the den that make it fyi.

Legendary armorer is quite easy to spawn.


Thank you for the info.


Also, an artisan still doesn’t even spawn there on PS4. Just the fighter.


I am getting a fighter and an artisan to spawn on PS4. And I knock out the fighter so he doesnt get back up for a while. Now I am playing on single player. And I moved the timers up to see but I cant get them to spawn immediately afterwards like that video shows no matter what. The quickest I can get is like 1 minute after I kill the artisan.