After change, purpose of fish besides food?

It’s a, sadly common, thing on engineering teams:

“Bug fixes don’t bring new users, but, if we can just get new feature into production we’ll get a lot of new users. Then we can fix the bugs.”

Then the cycle starts over. These especially true if there are bugs that take a lot of hours to fix. Untalented management doesn’t see the value to the bug fix, nor the long term damage to the product.

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I use dry wood… I have so much of it. Thou furnace uses coal… Just look better when i open its inventory. XD

Never really had issues with fuel burn, or getting fuel. Rarely use oil… it just kinda sits in a box till i do need it.

Oh dear lord. It is not like you couldn’t literally get tens of thousands of oil (and ichor) before this last patch as its source was passively generated.

If you had problems with getting oil, you might need to reassess what you think you know about Conan :stuck_out_tongue:

It was easy before, hence they nerfed it. Build one big fishbase and you were set. Additionally they increased the cost with the new update (no reduction boni).

Oil was and now is even more valuable for me, because I use it for weapon kits, armors, oils and black dye. The servers I play on wipe regularly (2-4 weeks). Additionally we switch servers very often.

To add insult to injury, on testlive there where no crash issues reported, and probably none happened. There is something on the live version that aways breaks some stuff that didnt happen on testlive.

Yes, we all could. Some of us did. I seriously fail to see your point.

Even if you consider that those who created a new character after this change are worth caring about, your stockpiles will eventually run out and you’ll be in the same situation. Then what?

And just in case you think I’m exaggerating, consider that you now need 775 oil to repair a full set of epic heavy armor.

Of course, there are alternatives. In Exiled Lands, you can grind legendary armor patch kits. On Isle of Siptah, you’re probably better off crafting master armor patch kits and living with an armor that is rarely at 100% durability.

But it’s still a mind-boggling change.

Go back and read what Sirdavewolf. He is doing his typical “Wikkyd must be an idiot” personal attack thing because our clan used oil for fuel before the last patch.

You failed to see my point? I was just saying oil was not a precious resource prior to this patch. Sure you need it for armor and kits but it was so easy to acquire it was not an issue at all.


Heh. I’m an idiot, too. I used oil, because why shouldn’t I? It was free :slight_smile:

I should probably have said “I fail to see your point in the context of this topic”. Honestly, at this point, I’m just skimming every exchange between you and Dave, because the never-ending sniping is boring me.

Oil is needed in massive quantity (at least for me) for armor and weapons. You need oil to make hardened leather, and you need oil for tool and weapon mods. So I’ll still be using a decent amount of fishtraps and have a grub factory going. I can burn through a lot of oil quickly.

peixe ? o meu personagem tá com o pescoço quebrado,com a cara olhando para traz. e agora o peixe não produz icor e muuuito menos óleo tipo 10 pra 1

Exactly. I don’t see how anyone could have had an issue with oil before this last patch? Well at least anyone that was established on a server. Oil was essentially passively generated… We didn’t even use large fish huts and still to this day we probably have close to 100k, if not more, stored in boxes. Granted we locked the server down and haven’t been raided in about 1.5 years. So we were stockpiling everything but we have so much oil we stopped even using fish traps.

Nah, they just switched those around.

Before the change:

  • 01 image = 1 image
  • 05 image = 1 image
  • 10 image = 1 image

After the change:

  • 10 image = 1 image
  • 05 image = 1 image
  • 01 image = 1 image

Prior to this update oil was extremely easy to get if you wanted to run a large number (I usually did 16) of fish traps. Even better, your fuel production could be done entirely at your base if it was located on water.

But really, everyone here knows you’re a long term player, so I’m not sure why you’re trying to take a position that only someone who started playing literally yesterday would take.

obrigado pelo suporte em relação aos peixes,mas ainda assim meu personagem continua com o pescoço quebrado,mantendo um angulo de 90 graus em relação ao corpo.

Ew. That’s just ghastly.

e o pior de tudo é que é só comigo…

Yeah, good idea, especially since it’s now resin we need for making consolidant, I see much dried wood as fuel in the future.

However as CodeMage has pointed out, we need ridiculous amounts of oil to make paddings now. I’m hoping this is an oversight, because otherwise, just, jeebus that’s an incredible amount of oil per armor set. D:

I’d been burning my furnaces on oil just because of how abundant it was before, but now I need to pull out all of it I stockpiled and use dry wood or other fuels. I feel really bad for anyone joining the game as a new player now or otherwise without any built up stocks of the stuff. D:

I really wish that’s all they had changed on that front. :cry:

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I haven’t crunched the numbers myself, but it does sound like oil production is a serious bottle neck when it comes to crafting epic armor.

Don’t forget though that armor dismantles to padding now, so if you can get your hands on npc’s that drop epic armor you can make your passing that way.

I just checked my surge cheat sheet. It looks like you can farm specific T2 and T3 surges to get epic versions of armor.

I suspect that Funcom took this approach when it came to the decisions they made around balancing fish traps.

They are assuming that players will engage in all of the following:

  • Pressing collected seeds to oil
  • Pressing collected fish to oil.
  • Farming surges and deconstructing epic armor to directly get epic padding of the correct type.

Personally I don’t really mind that fish traps have gone from being passive to an active thing, I have always found it weird that such a useful resource basically was free :slight_smile:
I started on Siptah on official pve server some weeks ago, until then I just messed a bit with it on singleplayer, I got to level 60 in 3-4 days without rushing the levelling and I mainly used coal as fuel, I still do so I have a decent amount of oil saved up(almost a full chest)
I don’t really know how hard it would be if I had to start a fresh character right now, but I think with some balancing and finding new ways to resource gathering and how I spend them :slight_smile:

Some things have gotten a bit harder(grinding) while others have become a lot easier/faster, maybe the biggest problem is that we have gotten used to how easy oil and ichor was so that we never really explored different ways of getting them, and maybe we just have gotten used to having a huge closet full of epic armors, I most definitely have been guilty of this in the past :grin:

So many changes have come and are on the way to the game, and with the economy update I am not that worried, I will adapt and wait for balances where needed :slight_smile:
However there is one place that seems to have been forgotten and left a bit behind, and that is the max amount of feat. points you can get from levelling, over time the amount of feat points have increased because of new things to unlock and also an increase of point cost for old stuff, yes the cost have gone up for some things, I recently discovered this by loading an old save where I had almost 100 negative feat points left, but this is for a different discussion in a new thread I might take up at some point, and I’ll do my best not to take a Skull approach :grin:

Have fun and enjoy the game, also be aware of sneaky turtles and treacherous rabbits, they may look innocent, but I suspect that they are up to something and god help us if they team up against us :crazy_face:

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