After Chapter 2 Update - construction hammer can no longer break things down, can only build

Just before the update hit, I was very close to a regular purge, so that might be related. This was working fine past midnight last night. The previous purge settings (which are now no longer on the settings menu) was set to allow for building during a purge, so perhaps in the update that setting got lost or messed things up. Regardless, I pull out either regular construction hammer or the t2 construction hammer, toggle removal mode, and I can click every which way but nothing gets removed. I can still build, but can’t tear things down. This is for PC. I do have mods, but none that should be impacting this. If the lock on removal mode is due to the old purge system, do you have a new set of console commands I can use to try and clear or unlock the construction hammer’s removal mode? Thank you.

Found the Issue - was mod related → Anyone else having issue and is using Less Building Placement Restrictions mod know that even though mod says it was updated 9/21/23, it is still the cause of this issue. Hopefully the author finds it soon.

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