After game freezing and reload char was in a dungeon

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands

I was at my base and than the game freezed.
I restarted the game, but while loading i had a bluescreen again.
After the second try, and loading Conan successful, however i was in the Black Keep.
I did not went there today. The only „dungeon“ i have been was the barrow King on mounts of the deads.

My base location is next to telith‘s island.


My friend had same problem on official 3033, he was near sepermeru when his game freeze. After reload he found himself in the sunken city.


That has been happening alot lately I am staying out of dungeons on official until freezing and and blue screening.


Same! I had just froze at Sinner’s Refuge, logged in, all stuff gone, furious. Then, as I am hoping to find my dissapeared equipment, player logs in and TRIES to kill me as I am fuming about my Legendary Gear. I out ran him but left my yhrall and when I went to revall her, game crashed AGAIN, and woken up in the Sunken City. I tell you what, I wanted to cry from how stupid I felt for playing this game


Hey @Community any time frame on a fix we are getting desperate?

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sound of cricket’s chirping

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Happened to me, Blue screen and woke up in The Midnight grove. Its done it a few times and always to that dungeon. I found a few logged out bodies there too. I assume the same has happened to them


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