After latest patch i get a error message as soon as i click E on a chest to get the wheel

yesterday when I played everything was ok, then when I quit I saw there was a patch, and it patched the game.
When I logged in a few minutes ago and wanted to access the wheel on a chest by keeping E pressed, as soon as I did that the game gave the following error message, and closed the game.

when I just press E to open a chest there is no problem, just when I keep E pressed to get the action wheel.

Does anybody else have this error? or knows what it means?

I did not change anything in the mod order or added any other mod since I closed the game before the patch.

thx in advance

small edit, it seems it happening on every item that I have that I press and hold E to get the wheel

chest benches evrything

Its one of your mods and I can guess which one, but I have not confirmed it myself so will refrain from saying what I heard. Check the discords and steam pages for any mods involving inventory of chests to see which one it could be.

I also had this and my first thought it could be a mod, so I reloaded the game in single player with no mods and got the same thing. I posted a bug report here and was asked to verify the files - this seems to have fixed it (in both single player and modded dedicated server)

If it comes back after you put the mods in, make sure you remove all mods and check after a reboot verifying no mods in the list). I know one mod is troublesome.

@ Yasma : i did also do a verifie files, i often do it just to make sure its not a corupt file,but for me it didnt fix it.

@ darthphysicist : After looking over all mods i use , and thinking for 1-2h about it , i deceided to remove a mod that uses the keep E pressed also, and has a option in the ring or whatever you call it.

After i removed it , the keep pressing E for the ring didnt gave me teh error anymore, so it must be that mod, so the mod probbely needs to be updated, seeing it started after the latest patch, before the patch there was no problem.

And a few days ago, another mod developer told me on steam that he was waiting for the new devkit to make some changes to a mod of his ,ariving on teh 7th i gues, he needed to bring out his mod.

So if i would deduct 2-1=3 then it can only be that mod, i left a small im of teh developer of the mod, asking him to update it using teh new devkit, so we have to see.

But i am curiouse witch mod you think it was :3 ?

i am using about 12-15 mods so take your pick :stuck_out_tongue:

Go one by one… by adding one untill crash to know with one for the server i was in it was somehow Unlock +… but mod maker recompiled it (dunno what changed) and now its ok…

Basic all updated mods should work ok so make guess on those who still use old system

All of the above.
Also, first chck each mod for when it was last updated. That lets you sift out the ones less likely to cause the crash. Then check you mod channels. Many Modders have Discord channels so check that too. I have 22-odd mods on my servers and most of the main ones are updated and no crashes yet.

This error is going to be very common since they did change names on some items in the game to make them fit into groups more.

My server, the other servers I play on and even my own game when playing with well many of the mods are having this.

The work done on this patch really did break many many many mods which means we gotta wait for developers to have time to make adjustments.

This is caused by the GetBuildableObjectName function has been moved from the survival library to the building function library so any mod referencing that will just not find it and crash.

It’s also the case with any mod directly editing the master placeable since that function was used there, so those mods need to be updated. Like LBPR for example.

Basically you need to update all mods and if some aren’t updated by their authors then you need to find the culprit.

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