-After resetting the tribe leader, the material disappeared and the ghost tribe appeared-


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------After resetting the tribe leader, the material disappeared and the ghost tribe appeared--------
I am a player and creator of the clan at 8A on the 1340 server.
Whether it is true, the official only needs to investigate the background data.
As of December 22, the name of the tribe was “Egypt”. I changed the name to “Minoan civilization” on the same day.
I established this tribe at the beginning of October 2020, and later recruited four players. However, as of today at around 1 am on December 23, 2020, a very serious bug has appeared.
I originally wanted to delete the original character and rebuild the character, but I know the game mechanics. My game character was originally named Luo Lan. On December 22, 2020, I gave this character’s tribal leader position to Lucy and then deleted this character. , And rebuilt the role of “Yunqing”, and then returned to the tribe. Lucy returned the tribal chief’s position to me, but this time caused the first serious bug. There were actually two tribe chiefs.
In other words, Yunqing and Lucy are both tribal leaders, and when the bug occurred, they could not give other people the title of president.
It can be demoted and promoted, but cannot promote new members to tribal leaders.
We suspected that the BUG appeared on us, and kicked out the fourth and fifth members, and then the two of us withdrew from the tribe. According to normal logic, we left the last character—“Qiye” will inherit the position of leader of the tribe. .
But at this moment, we found that all the combat slaves, pets, and horses around us had disappeared in place!
Disappeared in place? ?
In order to confirm that it was not a card, we went offline and reopened the game to log in. The result is still the same!
This second BUG.
But after being on the Seven Nights account, it was discovered that the third bug was that the tribe president was not him. Even if there was only him in this tribe, he was actually just an official! ! ! !
Then I asked him, in accordance with the normal process, the last step is to disband the tribe. If the last member of the tribe is left, the tribe will become the private property of this member, and then the tribe will be rebuilt. It should be normal.
We guessed wrong!
After disbanding the tribe, the tribe buildings are still there, but!
But this member, the last member of the tribe, does not have the authority!
In other words, this tribe has now become a ghost BUG guild! ! !
Then please!
How will the official solve the BUG?
And how to compensate for the supplies of our three players? ? ? ? ?
Your BUG is simply a god-level BUG. I have played for 1538 hours and I have never seen it before. Such a powerful BUG? ? ?

@Comunity. @Hugo
Do you guys still fix clan leader problems?

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