After Update Admin Npc spawn bug

Same problem. It is not possible to make npc appear from the admin panel. Both online and offline. Absurd


Yes I am the Admin on 3 different servers 2 I own and one is a Friends it is not working on Exiles or Siptah can confirm


same issue


I contacted gportal two days ago with the exact same issue, and they said the problems are on funcoms side and they are aware of the issue, they’re just waiting for a fix.

No indication as to when it will be fixed though 🤷🏻‍♂


Also have this problem. Additionally, I noticed that I can no longer search “Weapon” or “Armor” under items to bring up a list of these items.


Can we get some sort of acknowledgement that this is an actual issue and it will be fixed? I haven’t seen any sort of acknowledgement of this. I just had to post this in our discord.

Hello Exiles!

As many may have noticed, some thralls have been disappearing specifically in Gates of Ember. This is due to an issue on GPortal with a specific setting, thrall decay timer. For some reason, this keeps getting turned back on despite this being set to off on the GPortal settings. For anyone that has lost thralls, please try to compile a general list of what you lost (example: 10 T4 archers, 3 T3 archers, 5 fighters, etc) and we will try our best to reimburse those who lost thralls.

The second issue that we have seen, which will also cause a delay in reimbursing thralls, is after the most recent update the NPC spawn list in the admin panel is empty. This means we are unable to spawn in creatures for events such as monster mash, death maze, or spawning in thralls. Funcom has been aware of this by several posts in their bug forum and have yet to respond to this issue. When more information is available on this, thralls will temporarily be removed from the admin shop.

Note that animal pets remain unaffected and are still available in the admin shop.


@Community can we get an acknowledgment of this issue. I’ve done a search and can’t find anywhere where it’s said to be past onto the team to look at :man_shrugging:


@Community asking too much here?? @AndyB anyone still work here??


Hello my name is Roberto i have been playing on Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah server#8141 location J/K 5 on September 8,2021 i logged into my server and all of my work benches and worker were gone along with all my boxes where i had my materias stored i have been logging in so nothing would decayed the only thing i can think of it that it glitched after this recent update there are a couple work benches that are still there but most of them are gone please help me with this issue… i checked the event log and nothing was decayed…

Roberto, here we’re talking about an issue with admin panel not showing any npc to spawn. Your problem has nothing to be with this so please open a new topic or use the search bar before typing again here. Thank you

If they were set upon stages that’s your answer, anything in stage platforms disappear now, if not I’m unsure

Same :roll_eyes:

I as well have been having this issue I run two servers and have an admin shop on both and not changing subject but warn your players to avoid the orb of nergal I freeze up except for the camera and is left with no choice but to close game its been this way since update. And here app the wish fix chests and balancing weapons wtf. My ppl wish to buy thralls lol rip

So what was today’s patch if not to fix this?

It’s in the patch notes. It was simply a couple of hot fixes and a nerf for the void forge bow that was badly needed.

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They did fix it so that people couldn’t loot the world chests without a key :key: No fix for the admin panel tho :woman_shrugging:t2:

There is another thread. I just found it a few moments ago and they have replied there

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Fixed it so you need a key now, but it don’t use the key up :joy:


Hey there,

We’ve discussed this issue in this other thread: Admin panel thrall spawn broken
We’ll close this one but please feel free to continue the discussion in the thread linked.