After update all distant views black in exile lands and white in siptah

Game mode: Online private and Single-player Co-op
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PVE
Region: USA
Hardware: XBOX ONE X

Bug Description:

After update all distant views/background is black in exile lands and white in siptah. Also water barely shows in siptah. However if you drink a night vision potion the issue goes away even after the potion wears off. However if you log out and sign back in the issue restarts.

Expected Behavior:

Consistent scenery view.

Steps to Reproduce:

Simply start the game on a 4K console. My friends with original Xboxes do not have the issue. However anyone I know with an Xbox One X or an Xbox series X does have this issue.Processing: ffee89db-6bc6-4480-a249-2c2c12df4af8.png…
Processing: e4df04be-eafb-4f13-abae-5c03be9ed699.png…

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