After You hit lvl 60

The sandstone building pieces becomes unavailable.

The barkless trees gives bark? why? theyre dry and barkless…

Gold weighs nothing in conan yet its the heaviest irl.

Black ice awning need steel but the dlcs needs iron why?

Make a list in PVE so that friends can visit your base, but that guards and pets attacks people not on that list.

Re write the purges so they really spawn further away from your base and let them find it. Neighbours to close will have to handle this terror. / also make the purge creatures spawn not in so big clusters, this seems to break the purge trying to load say 10 rocknoses at a certain spot. But spawn one, after 1 minute another and so on.

Ik they spam out sandstone… with this u cant…

Have you ever mapped out a base design before? You don’t waste 500-600 parts made of T3 to build a design in case you get it wrong. Easier to do this in sandstone.

Ever had to build your way up a cliff to build on, but want to replace with elevators? Sandstone works for this.

The idea that people spam them is due to the fact that farming has become too easy, while raid materials is a bit harder (though still easy). If you could have a particular weapon type destroy T1 structures without the use of explosives or orbs…this solves spam. Until those people realize how easy it is to farm higher tiered buildings.

Yes, id say the black ice teir weapons would work for this, since they are basically useless…and this gives people a reason to go to the temple/ protect/ defend the temple.

  1. Sandstone is a good filler and cheap to build with if you are still planning your base layout.
  2. Use hatchet to chop trees. You get very little bark. If you want more, use pick or pickaxe.
  3. We maily get coins. Why is this an issue again?
  4. Black Ice is way too easy to get still. It is very ugly and mostly used on PvP servers where noone cares about awnings.
  5. Not sure I understand your last? You want friends to visit your pvp base and pets/thralls not to attack them?

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