Afterlife Merchants of Messantia - AoC, Pippi, PVE, custom dungeons and content, player merchants

We have a great server going on. Load Age of Calamitous and Pippi (in that order). We have a relaxed setting and a lot of custom content. Regular “paydays” and a custom city with lots of resources for both new players and high-level players help everyone get started or get what they need.

The City of Messantia: Can always warp into it via simple Pippi command. A ton of resources for everyone. Merchants, supplies, map room, quests, games of chance, portals to distant map locations
Player-owned merchants: buy and sell good with other players.
Klaatu’s Horror: a large sprawling dungeon filled with loot and monsters
The House that Jax Built: Brutal challenge for those that are brave, earning you a nice reward
Where’s Klaatu?: Decipher the clues and find the hidden NPCs across the land for stat increases
The Arena: A large staging area for regular events, with monsters spawning in between events so there’s always a challenge.
Age of Calamitous: Increased level cap to 120 with new factions and creatures add more end-game content
Regular and Spur-of-the-moment events: Whether scheduled or impromptu, we love giving players a good time.
Relaxed playstyle: We’re here to have fun!

We had a population drop after large clans burned out and switched to other games. We have lots of room for new players and are committed to building up our server and making sure everyone has a great time. We’re constantly adding content and things to do so that there’s always something to aspire towards. The Pippi mod lets us add new content with a vast array of rewards. Even now while typing this, I just thought of something new I’m adding to the game.

Server rules are simple: Everyone can have a base up to 20x20x20 (which is pretty big!), be respectful in chat (no slurs or discriminatory remarks, don’t be crude), … basic stuff to make sure everyone has a good time. We’ve been around for a long time with different names, so we have experience.

Hope to see ya!

Thumbs up for this server. I especially like the convenience of the portal warp points, admin built dungeons, and the central city with quest npc’s and player run merchants. Good times!

Hello Bob,

I’m fairly new to the game and I’m looking for a good server. I read your post and I like what I have read.

I would like to join your server if possible?

I’m having trouble locating it in the server lists.

Thank you


On the server select list be sure on the upper right hand area to have the box marked that will show servers with mods. I believe the default server list doesn’t show modded servers until you check that box.

Searching with merchants or messantia it always pops up for me that way.

When you choose a PVE server, make sure you check off the box for Servers with Mods. Then type in “Afterlife” in the name field to list those servers, and it should show up. You’ll need the Age of Calamitous mod and the Pippi mod loaded (in that order). The direct connect if for some reason you can’t find it in the listing is

It does come down occasionally for a patch update. That may last about 25 minutes or so if it’s an AoC patch. Then it takes a couple minutes for the server to repopulate itself in the listing.

I’m still updating our server adding new content for new and old players.

Added: NPC in city looking into the death of a citizen. Always bugged me there’s a bloody body on the edge of the pond that’s part of the landscape and can’t be removed. There’s now someone looking into the death and will reward with loyalty tokens or coins for assistance. Quest can be repeated after a cooldown period.

Modified: Weekly quest for AoC or Loyalty tokens is now self-sustaining. Previously required manual updating from admins.

Added: Pet merchant. Will sell shadebloom, simple pets, and some cubs.

Latest addition to The Merchants of Messantia is a hardened steel weapons and tool dealer in the city. He’ll sell weapons, tools, and upgrade/repair kits. This will help new players who have yet to acquire that skill.

While the holidays and release of other games has caused a huge drop in our playerbase, the server is still functioning and still has custom content that’s very fun to play. “The House that Ms. Jaxxon Built” is a brutal test of high-end mobs that can yield a lot of experience. It’s easy to get to via a portal in town (or through a warp).

“Klaatu’s Horror” is a custom dungeon comprising 7+ multi-level structures you have to work through to get to the final boss room. It’s filled with loot, is visually interesting, and is reminiscent of video game dungeons and a lot of fun to progress through.

“Where’s Klaatu?” is for high-end players. Finding any of Klaatu’s effigies left throughout the game world will allow you to increase a stat by three points, surpassing the maximum cap. This is great for players who have maxed out a stat or who have decided not to spend more points on a particular stat. The effigies are well-hidden, but a book of hints is in the Information Booth in town. The hints are wonderfully subtle though and require a knowledge of the land.

An arena was built for hosting special events, but an NPC there will spawn different mobs for you to fight. Tigers, Elephants, or Frost Giants. Both the elephants and tigers are harder than you’d think though.

And as always, there’s the central town with NPCs offering goods and services, with your own merchant supplied to you upon request.

Latest Additions to town:

Hospital: A small building selling bandages, potions, and functional warpaints.

Carpenter: Bark, resin, dry wood, and a few other carpentry items can be purchased here.