Again whole base dissapeared single player

Platform: PlayStation 4

Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description

Whole building dissappeared again

Bug Reproduction:1

This is now the 4th time this has happened after hours upon hours of building my whole base has dissappeared again everything like tables carpets etc just floating I the air why would this happen? I did a fresh install last time.e but to no avail . I think I’m done with this game

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You can back up your save on a thumb drive I understand or to the cloud witch may require PS+ . Have never done it myself. @Barnes could you please explain to our friend here how to do this. @Lee100


The PS Platform can backup and restore Games and Apps, Saved Data, Screenshots and Video Clips and Settings. As you might imagine, a full backup might be extensive, and require quite a lot of space. This usually requires a “sled” or removable USB hard disk (or SSD) for larger amounts of data and faster transfer.

For this process we’re looking at only your Saved Data. This will usually only require a simple 8GB, 16GB or 32GB thumb drive. You can experiment with smaller sizes, but these are ubiquitous and you really should dedicate one to your PS. My sweet spot is 16GB.

  1. Format your key as FAT32 or exFAT – this will wipe out all the data on the usb drive, including the manu-added Bloatware.
  2. Edit: Now that it’s winter in places, touch something metallic to discharge yourself. Gently insert the key in your gorgeous PS4.
  3. Settings > System > Back Up and Restore
  4. Select Back Up (Evrybody get on that :bus: )
  5. Confirm which data you want to back up: Select “Saved Data,” deselecting all the others.
  6. Rename the filename to something easy to identify like “before patch”
  7. Hit Back Up
  8. After it’s done, you can remove that USB key.

Keep it for next week, or whatever interval you want. You can put this key into your PC and make manual drag/drop backups of it, so that the key is basically “last best backups” with redundancy on the PC. Good luck, Exile!


Thankyou for your replies but if I am saving/ backing up the data will it not be the same as is showing here as you can only back up the files when the game is closed? Sorry for my ignoramce but im an old timer thanks again

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Just in case you don’t know on single player your console is both client and server thus the overall performance if you build lots can result in this base loss exspecialy if you condensed the base in one area as I don’t know the exact limits as there are too many factors to consider don’t go nuts on building as that can cause that and large lag

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