Age 2 Prediction: Age of Gods

A billion years won’t be enough, because it’s not happening. The horse is dead, quit beating it.

And I don’t said that they’ll do it :slight_smile: I just say about change in game that could be at same hype level as Age of Sorcery. That’s all

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Not really.

For some reason people think that switching CE to UE5 will make the game look like Unrecord. It won’t.
For some reason people think switching CE to UE5 will make the game have less bugs. It won’t. Might make more.
For some reason people think switching CE to UE5 will make the servers run better. It won’t. Again, might even be worse in some cases.

Switching to UE5, even when you take out the fact you need to swap some features over that are custom, takes a substantial amount of time to not only get the teams trained on the new stuff, but also to make the adjustments needed to make the game look different enough to warrant the hype.

In reality the game would look very similar to now, with some changes to how lighting looks (could be subjectively better or worse) with only the potential to some nifty things in the future. As well as prolong the dates of future content to inadequate levels. The game would be stuck into perpetual development with nothing to show for it.


Thank u for informative respond, but again I never told that I want to see Conan Exiles in UE5. It’s just example of global changes of the game. Read carefully my previous posts. Does topic “Conan Exiles and UE5” is forbidden on this forum? Okay. Then, how about the map generator? No it’s too difficult, and pointless. Alright, I give up
Back to reality: I’d like to see New Age about Lemurians with new religion - Dagon. With water creatures. And it will be cool if we’ll see reskin for bracelets (with amber)

No, we just had a string of people making threads on it and some behaving weirdly in said threads :stuck_out_tongue:

So people are 1. tired of explaining the same thing over and over 2. concerned that you might be one of those who wouldn’t accept the explanations and proceed to argue about it again :smiley:

And then you have all the other people rushing in who don’t care about UE5 but are grumpy because of totally different issues and see it as an opportunity to take weird stabs at Funcom and point out how they couldn’t do it not because of the perfectly reasonable explanations supplied there, but because they’re bad developers and so on and so forth :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a few threads, sadly half of them are hidden posts due to arguments :rofl: Hopefully that explains the above reactions better…

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As demonstrated by this community, “sometimes a dead horse needs a good slap.” :rofl:
(I forget which book I read that in, but I’ve been saving that quote for a while, hoping to get to use it.)

But yeah, UE5 ain’t happenin’.


:roll_eyes: It seems I accidentally drop shit on a fan

As demonstrated by this community, if u just mention “UE5” everyone thinks that u are idiot. That’s very sad

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Those asking about upgrading the UE obviously were not playing the game during Early Access when the UE was upgraded to the current version. The game was next to impossible to play for about two weeks and performed poorly for another six weeks. When the UE 5 was introduced, Funcom cherry-picked some of the features and added them to the UE 4 build that is presently in use. These tweaks have made it impossible to do a clean upgrade to the UE version.

Please stay on topic and discuss the new age that we expect to start seeing the hype about in the coming weeks.


Confirmed… @Jimbo missed this one. Developer Livestream: The Next Age

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“missed” not quite. Actively dissecting it now before I post.

First observations, the mask is clearly a variation of the style of the Mask of the Witch Queen, but with a cracked and worn white/red paint, and the gems are red now instead of green. I can’t find anything matching the hilt of the dagger currently, and the cup’s engravings elude me off the top of my head but the markings are definitely familiar

I have not watched the video yet. They may be Aztec or Mayan. Since the image shared in the place we do not discuss was not clear enough to tell the markings.

It’s just a screengrab from the video. I wonder if @KiahonfireOfficial is allowed to share the full image with us :thinking:

Here you go, Jimbo, I identified several of the symbols from their livestream announcement.



Updated OP with my analysis of today’s clue. Thanks to @KiahonfireOfficial for dropping this new teaser video with her own analysis and stay tuned tomorrow for when @Wak4863 gets his turn over on his channel

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The text looks to be vertical, which reminds me of an Asian text. So, Lemurian seems more likely to me, considering the mask is there also.

Edit: google Khmer text. Although it doesn’t run vertically, it does look similar. :thinking:

The text is formatted like Acheronian text, which is why my first guess was that. You can see it clearly on the obelisks in Siptah. Stygian culture is inspired by and took a lot from Acheron, so it would make sense they follow a similar writing structure. There isn’t much ingame evidence showing Lemurian writing following that pattern

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I haven’t played on Siptah for a long time. I’ll have to jump on and check these out.

EDIT: I just checked, and you’re right, it does seem to be Acheronian.

And wow, Siptah looks so bad right now on PS5 :rofl:

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I’ll need some time to fully assess @Wak4863 's new teaser fully in the main post; but some observations for now.

Show Image

More treasure. A chest full of proper gold coins. Shinier than the previous and far less corroded. Pretty much confirms yesterday’s coins are copper/bronze

Chest is adorned with more gold, and red gems similarly to the mask.

Behind it, a golden cat statue with a green gem, very Stygian thematically. There appears to be other treasures around it, a jade something (Tephra thinks it’s a warhorn and I’m inclined to agree) and what almost looks like an anchor(?) in the very bottom left of the image.

Masonry can’t find anywhere in the game using this material, so perhaps a new location or building set.


Tweet dropped. More questions than answers

Who is They? Hide what where?