Age of Calamitous PvP 3x-xp 5x Harvest. Instant lvl 50 boost to the next 10 players to join server

Looking for a fun PC server with friendly folks join us over at Age of Calamitous.

At the moment it’s just me and a few family members but I’ve paid for the server a year in advance and will upgrade the slots to allow more players if it gets to that point.

We run several mods and I get on daily to make sure the server is always updated and available for play.

Going to run a promotion. The next 10 players that join my server will get a automatic boost to level 50 if you want and given a set of cold and heat armor and hardened steel tools.

We have a huge Colosseum and Jousting arena.

server ip and port-

just copy and paste that whole number into the direct connect on conan there is no password leave that part blank.