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- Age Of Chill -

Hey exiles, newish server looking to get more people in. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Our own lore is in the works, and we would like to create the story of Age of Chill together!

  • Servers name as listed: Age Of Chill [AoC][lvl300][RP PvPvE][EXPx7]
  • Direct:
  • Server location: Japan [Anyone is welcome! USA west coast ping is pretty good!][Language is ENG & Japanese]
  • Server start date: Oct 20, 2019
  • Daily restarts at 5AM and 3PMJapan time. (3PM EST &1 AM EST). To combat mods being updated.
  • Exp x7.0
  • Harvest Exp 4.0
  • Harvest Amount 5.0
  • Resources respawn Quick 4.0
  • Building Decay OFF
  • Clan Max Size 8
  • Nudity Full
  • Voice chat ON
  • Event Log OFF (For more realism)
  • Character Remain In World after logout OFF
  • Drop equipment on death OFF (need more feedback)
  • Lite ~ Medium RP
  • Raiding Allowed
  • Offline Raiding Prohibited
  • PvP time 24/7
  • Raiding time Fri, Sat, Sun 18:00 ~ 1:00
  • Active players receive 2 silver per hour
  • Black Market available (allowed to use other factions equipment / building materials) Location K5
  • Player markets WIP
  • Quests available & more in the works
  • Optional quest to lvl 60 WIP (soon)
  • Arena Events
  • Raid Events
  • Maze Events
  • Very fun mods that adds a truckload of new content, monsters, and end game gear.
  • Mods also added a few new dungeons, raid bosses & world bosses.
  • Max level is 300
  • A lot of the RP related work is being done now so feel free to come and build a story with me and the server.
  • Active Admin - open to any suggestions

Click to connect to Age of Chill
Server name below.
Current Mods in order

  • Pippi
  • Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
  • Warrior Mutator
  • Shadows of Skelos
  • Age of Calamitous
  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions

This is a new growing server and I am willing to listen to any suggestions or advice.

Any issues or any questions please feel free to join the discord & ask away!
New Discord: https://discord.gg/KnJMpYv

See you there!