Age of Conan 4v4 Pvplevelup Open World Tournament

I would like to gauge the communities interest in participating in a 4v4 open world tournament.

The tournament would be played through utilizing custom games.

The application release forum post: PvP Levelup: Ranked PvP Matchmaking

The format would be best of 5 4v4 in the open world on fury.
Teams would pick/ban characters and maps before each game.
You would only need one character on fury.

If there is enough interest we could run two separate brackets, one for veterans and the other for casual players.

Join the discord if you are interested:

Below is an example of a 4v4 that was played in the open world using the pvplevelup app.


Where is spreadman

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According to his recent AoC review video, he was banned for a thousand years :rofl: , so I don’t know.

Might want to check out New World. I hear it’s good and rumors suggest he may be found there some nights.

Good luck on the tournament though! Seems to have garnered a lot of interest if the poll is any indicator.

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I just looked at that spreadman’s latest video out of curiosity and he was muted for the entire stream LOL, you might wanna let him know Warface Wednesday with Spread: New World MMO Closed Beta! - YouTube

Also New World looks absolutely terrible, from core mechanics/game design to gameplay.

Looks like the video was taken down. I think he was having technical difficulties that night. As far as new world goes, It seems all right. Time will tell. It’s certainly doing better than this game.

did spreadman say if he’d like to play in the tournament

I think he brought it up last night on stream. It doesn’t seem to hold any interest as of yet but who knows. Never can tell :man_shrugging:

Top bad, was always fun planning with him. Love his humor.

If you are interested in playing in the tournament please join this discord.

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A little birdy tells me that he would strongly consider partaking in this tournament if he were to get some actor volunteers to commit to help him finish his 3rd and final episode of the critically non-acclaimed webseries The Adventures of Spreadicus!

The Adventures of Spreadicus - Episode 1 - The Guard Masters - YouTube

The birdy also stated that the only requirements are having a char on Crom level 16+

Rumors suggest that such interested parties should visit the official discord and inquire within.

looks like trololo post from you
why didnt you wait untill there around 1-5 pvp players on both servers are?
fc also freeze transfer between servers rigth…

Its not a troll post, I thought most players that would be interested have at least one character on fury.

Alot do have one on Fury. Mainly those people who got angry with some Crom trolls preventing them to level their PvP rank then making excuses like ‘‘This is PvP’’ while never attacking same level character and also abusing 3rd party programs because they are just bad.

These players who are serious about Real and Balanced PvP have made a Character on Fury which is quite a Mature community and currently leveling them being also eager to try the app. I recommend everyone come and see for themselves. The server isn’t Dead.
Maybe few people but still active and more than enough for open world pvp.

Character Transfers if i am not mistaken work for lower than 80lvl. 79 or so but still it wont be left like that forever. Especially not while there are Transfers pending. It will be fixed.

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From what I understand, this was intended to be a “last hurrah” for the PvP app and it’s community. If you don’t want to participate, that’s fine. Don’t come here whining about someone trying to create something amazing for this awful community.

You ask why it’s so late. As a reminder, weren’t you late to sign up a team for the previous tournaments, and primarily created a team of good players, then placed yourself in the lower league with explicit intent to farm less experienced players to ensure rewards? You also never bothered to play the app to begin with.

@GroovyDude i wanted to make a team with the spreadman, it’s too bad he doesn’t want to play

Everyone has wants my dude :man_shrugging:

up opinion is very important for me). try to be more argue with attempts to decrese our humble results. i believe in u and ur team ohh the greatest champion and master of aoc…

Cool beans

I personally believe in a one-league format. I tried this lower bracket method and what ended up happening was a bunch of players from the higher bracket played in it on “alts” of the same class as their main with equivalent gear, while not telling me it was them on said alt. There were players that were playing in it to gain experience and let me know, but they were in the minority. In hindsight, I should’ve vetoed half the teams from playing.

Completely negated the purpose of the lower league if it’s primarily the same people looking to stomp players that honestly placed themselves.

Combine that with the lack of players and the fact is that a single-league format would be best. There are ways to make single-league fun for players of all levels as well.

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