Age of Conan on UE4?

Hello. Since amny MMORPG games nowadays being ported from their old engines to new ones i want to ask devs - will this be done to AoC too? I mean Lineage 2 remaster, Blade and Soul port from UE3 to UE4, Bless online, and many other ones, like Archeage (from CE3 to CE5) and etc.

Funcom already have Conan Exiles, which has many armor sets and models from AoC (ported directly) and devs know how to work with UE4, so why dont update AoC to a newer engine? This game can have 2nd birth after that (and some new content as well).

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This wont happen. Too much of a work and money invested. Not only models/meshes but you will need to rewrite the whole code and… this could be a real mess.

But what could be done is mode CE into AoC (sort of). But this will also take enormous amount of time and resourcess.

I love working with UE (UDK/UE4) or Unity but to be honest I thing AoC belongs to DreamWorld engine Funcom made.

And we all know that Funcoms focus is now on the Dune game + expansion for CE.

The combat system in AoC is pretty easily replicated on UE4 using the gameplay abilities plugin and some simple trigonometry for targeting. I think a community created game would be pretty cool. Hardest part is creating high quality assets :frowning:

Ce expansion? More cosmethics? Ce is inplayabke for me, game still have microfreezes all time