Age of Conan unchained broken?

I saw that they added Age of Conan to GFN and was excited to dust it off and play again after all these years…but when I get past the launcher into the log in screen the game just closes itself immediately ? Can anyone else confirm ?

This doesn’t happen with any of my other games (even those with pre-game launchers like GW2)

The game can be buggy, but it’s not broken.

I’ve had similar experiences: shuts down unexpectedly, stuck on loading screens, opens only in minimal view, and probably some others that I can’t remember.

Starting and restarting (computer and game), hitting the repair button, changing compatibility settings (game’s and computer’s), and maybe a reinstall are all things to try.

Most of the time the game runs fine. But beware, it is pretty poorly supported by Funcom.

I advise you to make sure the game is completely downloaded and updated.


Hey, any news about game? Events, updates, etc? Christmas, Halloween, etc? Maybe?