Age of discovery

Age of discovery is an idea that I would like to see in a future update.

After exploring the exiled lands for so long the things that fascinate me the Bosses, creatures, flora have almost no info in game not even names unless I’m missing something in the settings almost all info I have to go by I get from the wiki. I’m sure mods can give the info like pipi ect but I’m referring to vanilla gameplay.
I would like to see something like a book similar to the sorcery tombe that we could make and upgrade with pages that we could randomly find on dead beasts or corpses of dead explorers to make a beastiary of sorts.
The beastiary could contain information that could help prove beneficial in fights like weakness of the beasts or information to help in taming/raising them. Funcom could make some awesome artwork for the creatures or Players could also submit artwork of the creatures in contests.

But this is just an idea I would hope to see in the future.


I would love to play as a barbaric version of Carl von Linné (aka. Carl Linnaeus), or if you’re familiar with the Iron Kingdoms setting, the professor of Extraordinary Zoology, Victor Pendrake.

Imagine how fun it would be to chop up a reptilian monstrosity and try to figure out if you should classify it as a rhino or a lizard.

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