Age of Exiles [RP/PVP 18+] PC



Name: Age of Exiles [RP/PVP 18+]
Direct Connect:
Password protected: Join discord and read server rules to gain access -

System: PC
Location: US central

Auto Mod Updates so limited downtime when mods need to be updated.

This server focuses on RP with a faction war PVP content using AoC lore. We have active admins, starting kits, portal hub, neutral city, magic, faction territories, level cap to 120, plus more.

Two rules that are an absolute must for us.

  1. This is an 18+ Community: Due to the mature themes which are inherent to the Conan universe, our community is strictly 18+.
  2. Roleplay and Fun come FIRST: Above all else, we are here to RP and have fun. There are many other rules that we have written to help build a healthy community, but if you ever feel like something is too restricting and inhibiting your creativity, simply ask an admin to see if it is doable.

Mod List Order:

  1. Pippi
  2. Fashionist
  3. Conan Sexiles
  4. Fist of Essence
  5. RP Aesthetics
  6. Warrior Mutator
  7. Age of Calamitous


Hey everyone this is a fantastic server to play on it’s a great friendly community, come join us and have some fun. I love all the players that are on this server that admins are also awesome they are there when you need them in game and out of game so no waiting around for questions to be answered or having in game issues solved, its all done right away. So happy playing.


Great server with a great mod list!

A great group of admins that truly believe in RP First!

If you are sick of the same old build and drama surrounding most servers, do find your way to Age of Exiles!
Here, we are family, not numbers.