Age of Origin -RP/PVP- 60 ServerTickRate NoWipe! AoC / Boats / Emberlight / ImmerseRP - [PC]-[NA] - Looking for Players!

Check out Age of Origin’s casual RP/PVP. Soon to come, RP Hubs with full decor, Thespian NPC quest creation plot lines, Events.

Looking to establish a friendly community, take part in server cooperation for an even more immersive experience.

Age of Origin -RP/PVP- 60TR NoWipe! AoC / Boats

Pippi - Fashionist - Niflheimr Minimap - Pickup+ - LBPR - StraysStayDry - Emberlight - ImmerseRP
Age of Calamitous - River Boats of the Exiled Lands

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