Age of swords players being labeled as admin when they shouldnt be

Hey i have a few questions. Im the age of swords owner and i was told my password was hacked so i did some investigations on my own and thru gportal well they sent me a message saying a few names had admin. Well instead of banning them i have asked about it. They deny it and certain members are fairly new had nothing worth wild. My server settings allow easy Crafting and easy gods. Well all those players used a god that night that is questioned. But gportal says they have the admin password so i have been asking for daily updates on my logs they have responded quickly and with no problems but with that being said is it possible that these players were using gods and were put under using admin commands. I have some further informarion from a few days later but i still cant prove anything any idea here. If you want further information email me because i cant post a photo

Hello @Kcn130, welcome to the forums!

We’ll reach out to you through DM in order to further assist you.

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