Age of War single player respawn help

I’ve been playing for quite some time on a single player server, and I set up a base east of Muriela’s Hope for a desert location with a lot nearby. I would regularly travel south to kill the two giant snakes and the dragon that guards the entrance into the Unnamed City to test things and all that, but something has changed with the new update. I made the run to test my new stamina limitations and what damage looked like, killed the dragon, and when I turned around, both large snakes had already respawned. I’ve never had this happen. I know that single player will bring enemies back when an area is re-rendered, but I have never had it be this fast for such a small distance. Did they change how far single player render distance works? I have had nothing change in my hardware, nor did I change any of the settings. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Going to be honest i think thats like the 40th bug this patch and its not even been 24 hours since it came out . Best thing you can do is run the loop again and see if it happens again.

I’ll give it a shot. Hopefully it was just a fluke. I’m hoping I won’t have to start fighting everything repeatedly if I backtrack even a little when I go exploring. That’s gonna get real old real fast. Thanks for the reply.

Not sure about that particular area, but I’ve ben running around Pools of the Grey Ones on Siptah several times, a relatively big place, and haven’t had the gate guards respawn while I’ve been on the other side.

My guess is, there are some areas that are considered “one place” for rendering. It’s possible that the dragon is in the “Unnamed City area”, which is separate from the desert in the north, forcing the desert to reload when you enter the Unnamed city area.

Just a theory.

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