Age of War Update Bug Fix

The followers, pets and horse that vanished after the Age of War Update are still missing and I have had no reply from support staff, will this problem be addressed or acknowledged?


This is an ongoing issue that we are addressing but is taking a bit for us to reach the root cause of it and fix it.

We will give everyone more updates when we have them!

We appreciate your patience in this regard.

Thanks, for the update.

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They said in the live stream that it should be fixed with the next update which is september 21st.

Are we talking about the Texture streaming issue, or is this something else?

My takeaway from the comments made by AndyB in the latest Livestream was that the issue was with a piece of Middleware that had been sold, and the current owner operates a different Game Engine.

It sounded to me like the root cause had been identified, but the solution was going to be more problematic due to change of ownership.

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