Age old software development rule

A long time ago it seems. A thing that was taught in software development, is you can always give a user a feature. But you can’t take it away. So be careful what features you give users :slight_smile:

In the spirit of that and after the last update with the changes to the great sword, spear and such. Why not have an option to load different DT_ComboRules on startup. This way you could have a DT_ComboRules_PVP, DT_ComboRules_PVE and DT_ComboRules_PVEC.

I would love to help out with this.

But video games are not only software, they’re also games. And games have had various restrictions and “nerfs” applied to them for decades. Especially in competitive/PvP environments, “balance” is a concept that other software doesn’t need to worry about. No-one suffers because Excel now has a function to display time and date in a cell.

As new features are introduced in a game, the balance shifts. Sometimes players find ways to use the new feature (in combination with old features) in a totally unexpected way, effectively “breaking” the game. In these situations, instead of applying more bandages to shift the balance back, it’s sometimes a simpler solution to remove something than bloat the game with new stuff in order to try and fix things.

Na. Then you would be requiring them to support multiple versions and maintaining balance across those multiple versions, diverting those resources from other areas of attention.

The only difference between this game and hundreds of others that also make a change to how their weapons behave (as Kapoteeni describes), is that it can be modded. Which is where it belongs, and you are doing a fine job of doing already.

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