Agent Diviciacus

Day 11 - Agent Dossier: Diviciacus

Can anyone tell me if this agent is available for the event? (Can’t check) I didn’t get it last time because the game didn’t give it to me and was told nothing could be done after waiting two weeks for a petition response. I really really really want this agent.

Pleeeeease say it’s there.

Never mind. It looks like this applies to September as well.

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Ahhhh No login rewards in sight. I guess I have lost out on something again due to game issues.

event login rewards didn’t worked yesterday and aren’t today.
seems someone messed up with the event dates (as always).

I hope you have some kind of inside information on event login rewards coming around.

As far as I am aware and this might change or prove incorrect over the course of the event this time equinox won’t have any daily rewards.
While I have everything I get that this is annoying for people wanting Diviciacus…maybe they make at least him avaidable.

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I wouldn’t be so bothered by it if it was my fault I didn’t get it, but when I logged in that day, nothing happened with that login reward. It didn’t show up on the roster, and I didn’t have anything in my inventory.

Would have been really nice to have gotten this before the rebalance… So sad

the agent was awarded in the sprinq(vernal as you see in text) equinox not autumnal so he likely be back in spring

Hey Rifla,

I hope so. I found in Discord it was said they forgot to turn the rewards on this time. That’s why I’m crying about it so much.

nah there has never been login rewards for autumnal equinox. I assume because Samhain is just days away. with login rewards

the agent is btw useful for tanking.

Fairly certain there were never login rewards except last time.
Yeah, that’s why I want the agent.

thats what im saying. avalon is 2 xtimes a year login rewards was in spring

Well, you said never for autumn… before last time, there was never for spring either.

Is the agent worth having Ceru? or is it just a completionist thing for yah? i did not even know there was one for Equinox :upside_down_face:

it is. It’s +2,000 protection. I have always used the two +1,000 protection and one other +2,000 protection to stay alive during Dreaming Shroud without AS in E9. With two +2,000 protection and one +1,000, it would make a difference in tanking. When I saw it I was very excited because of the passives. I’m not a completionist when it comes to Agents, that’s for sure. I still need quite a few that I haven’t tried for yet.

The rewards only started the last Equinox event, you probably have him if you were there.


Ahh i see so he is worth having, yeah i didn’t come back until late May i think, well the rewards should be for both Equinoxes, but i’m not surprised that they are not :upside_down_face:

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