Agent Fonts Readable

Tried agents, looked familiar, CAN’T READ THAT SMALL. Will not be using it much until that’s fixed.


The “machine font” is horrible. I can read the regular text but the blocky font is difficult. Will have to see if the Agent UI can be resized after I am able to log back in game.


I don’t think they polished the UI yet for this Agent thing.

Agent window needs it’s own size scaller under game Options.
And yes, the font in total miss as there is no reason to make it so hard to read font… Can’t see anything from normal viewing distance.


The complete Agent UI is a mess… :frowning:


Agree with this. The type is too small, especially that font.


The interface is not that user friendly, I agree. I have very little idea what half these new icons are and when I mouse over them, like in the rest of the game, nothing.

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The font needs to be changed and enlarged.
Mouseover tool-tips need to be implemented.

I still don’t understand the mission “costs” in terms of those 3 little icons on the lower right , and at first I kept trying to equip them as gear… :frowning:

Seems like the UI needs a little attention, maybe a help button that explains all these elements would be nice…


The first thing I did when I opened the UI for the first time was go into the options settings to see if I could enlarge it. I have a really hard time reading that font when it is so small. Some way to enlarge it would certainly be welcome!

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And the Boxes to close the various parts of the window need enlarged muchly. Form follows function guys. An interface should nor be frustrating to use. In the higher resolutions the strike zone on the close boxes is way to small. Fix it please.

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It’s fine for me and I have bad eyesight. My argument is that the font is ugly. Should ask someone to mod the agent interface with a different font.

I already had people that couldn’t read the D for days in the special mission tabs believing you get one every day.
So while it isn’t an issue for you it definitly is for some out there.

A code file or software that reminds the imprinted person or shows how a letter or character is to be represented (when it is used digitally) is essentially a “font.”

The ‘type’ is a collection of letters, numbers, and other symbols whose shapes are synonymous with the replication of other graphic elements regularly added (some called glyphs), which are used in the composition of text or other character combinations.

Even if many people would call a font “Helvetica,” it is a typeface. Helvetica variations like Helvetica Regular, Helvetica Italic, Helvetica Bold, can be generated by using this tool etc.

The script to show a “Helvetica” letter is the font for your monitor or printer.

What this about?

And why does it matter when people complain they can’t read what’s written in Agents window?

Also I’m with people who have problem reading because it’s too small, I need to lean closer and squint when I want to see what it says. Would absolutely appreciate in-game way to increase letters there. And also in few other places.

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There are a couple of mods you can use to increase the UI size.


You know it’s fun I remembered about TrashScaler existence right after I wrote my message and decided to give it a try. Welp, it didn’t go well, the way it works hurts my eyes and it breaks my top bar so I ended deleting it after a bit. Also my personal problem is not just Agents, it’s half of text in game that is too small. :worried: