Agent mission result text



Is there any other result text other than success and failure? I’m starting to notice no difference in critical success (called Outstanding Results in-game) and normal success. I also haven’t noticed a difference in successes on missions with and without bonuses, but I might just not have noticed them since keeping track.



I think the different levels of success just change the xp gained and maybe guarantee a bonus item.

Funcom really should change it to show the base reward + extra reward gained for xxxx Success level.

That way we can see what actually happens.


The base reward is the xp it lists, a “successful” mission will add 25% to that, an “outstanding” mission adds 50% instead. I don’t think it changes the other loot in any way. Apparently agents get exhausted faster by lower success types but we can’t see how tired they are so who knows what that means.


@Piankhi @Onevia

I’m not asking about the rewards. Only the text.