Agent system feedback



And at the moment avent recovery is free


And then we cycle back to the complaint that agent drop rates for non-whales is downright abysmal. Until everyone DOES have 4 or 5 agents this complaint will continue.


That i can relate to… i estimate i’ve ran around 150 missions by now and no luck yet.

I saw a few ideas that could work for this problem like giving an agent at end on New England, Egypt like when we get the Teathrics reward.


doesn’t have anything to do with whales. It’s half a week out and I’ve dropped 7 of them. 5 from missions, 2 from scenarios.

Might be insane time needed, but it’s far from unreachable. Mind I’ve only used one of those. Sold the rest and bought 60 boosters with MoFs gained. Having currently 13 agents and decent starter pack of purple/blue items.


you will need a LOT more. Before free revive I had 4 of them out. Given they are incapacitated for longer and longer (10+ hrs for me) they drop quicker then they revive when I’m sending them only to 15min/1h missions.


You HAVE to realize that you happened to have insane good luck, especially when most everyone else in this thread has stated that they haven’t been so lucky. RNGesus must have a velvet picture of YOU hanging over his bed. The rest of us aren’t so lucky. Half a week in and I’ve only found -ONE- agent, and that’s across 6 characters who are grinding away doing missions.

YOU got lucky. YOU made a ton of MoF because of it. YOU and YOUR LUCK are not the norm.

As for agent gear? Pfft. I have yet to get a hex coin. I have yet to get a mission where I can GET a hex coin, let alone the amount needed to get my agent, my single non basic agent, anything.


Hex coins only come from selling the agents/gear you get from boosters as far as I know.


I am still trying to get 1, no drops for me as of yet.


I keep crashing very frequently while trying to open the agent network window…

But i’m pleased Andy aknowledged the faction-themed missions for agents, i’m very eager to see what a dragon-themed mission looks like, cryptic and unexpected, with us basically telling the agent “just do it, don’t ask”.


Confirming this issue.


I gave up. I have been at home with a lot of free time, so I did tons of quests, scenarios, dungeons and regional bosses and did not get any agent. Still have only the faction recruit one and moreover it is bugged and not able to receive any experience. So I am stuck on level 5. From my point of view, this system fails to made me want to invest into it any time or money. I understand the drops need to be lower, but imho they did not choose correctly the ballance between carrot and stick. Why would I bother with something like that?

Moreover as I mentioned in other thread, I found this whole system disconnected to SWL. I looked forward at least for some interesting bits and pieces of lore in game missions texts and all I got are repetetive and boring ones. And some missions contradict the lore (why would I bother with other faction members? Maybe for espionage but there is nothing like that). The bonuses are no motivation to grind, as I am not minmaxer. And as I have never collected any cards, I dont see any point to collect any agents, when there is no way of any interaction with them.

There are people who may enjoy this but for me this is totally out of my interest.

At least we have free keys weekend which is much, much more fun than this new feature.


It’s free now, but what about when it is MoF? I’d just like a warning that the agent is getting fatigued. Then it’s my decision to send them again or not. And I’ve had the 15 min mission return 10 hour incapacitated. That would be annoying if it cost more than zero. (Yes I have multiple agents -7-, I still find it annoying not to have notice!)


The biggest problem with the rewards the agents bring back is that the low level distillates still require the same amount of anima shards and give you less experience than the same type of weapon or talisman would give you. What is the point? If they didn’t require anima shards, they would be worthwhile.


There are missions which give agent gear as a reward, but those agent gear items sell for shards. It looks like HexCoins are a pure cash purchase thing. I bought a handful of the boosters and absolutely regret it, which is not how I feel about the caches.


This is SWL. Welcome to the grind. Its in every part of this game’s mechanics outside of “storyline” :).

Why would anyone think this wouldn’t be grindy? This “minigame” in other games this concept is used - is also …grindy. Since when does SWL go for “less grindy than every other iteration of this in other MMOs.”

They’ve not done it yet, they ain’t gonna start with this. How does this surprise anyone?

But it IS early - I mean I’m looking at three more agents I can get doing three quests I completed awhile back. So saying more agents than one is “hard” when the whole system levels/starts with you at Savage Coast (and so far there are 3-4 other agents just in the Coast from doing missions)… you WILL get more agents. And you can get them fast if you farm just agent missions you’ve already completed :).

(Otherwise agree, all the timers - new currency - costing other currencies… over the top grind. Just to me, as expected.)


Well, I had been hoping (for all of three seconds) even the team at Funcom NC might have finally figured out that the old “always grindier than the competition” design paradigm might actually be hindering player acquisition and retention.

But no. Again sticking by the guns that shot themselves in the foot so well the first time around :frowning:


no, that’s statistics. Don’t know how many missions are people doing. Saying “a lot” or “SC + SD” is not enough. I do ALL zones except CotSG, that’s close to 70 missions everyday, takes 3-5hours. And in long run it gives 1 or 2 agents every day so far. Won’t do that for long. It’s exhausting. But now it’s worth doing it.

I was lucky on scenarios. Got my first agent after 28 scenarios, one of the best ones.

And got 1 agent from regionals. After 340kills and about 40 blue chests I got one (while around 14 was dropped).

All in all it’s like 2.5% chance for an agent from any source that offers one. Which means doing one or two zones or daily scenarios is not nearly enough. But just doing daily challenges you get one per week. Unless YOU ARE insanely unlucky.

It also means, btw, 1 of 40 people got an agent in the very first mission. You don’t hear about them here, do you?

Well, patience, and good hunting.

You get hexcoins only from items from boosters.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Now that is definitely ALOT of missions!!!

I haven’t ran nearly that many daily. Probably 30-35 max and maybe 5-10 scenarios. I haven’t had an agent drop since launch day, so I would have been happy to see one, but not expecting it.

I expect this to take time.


I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in this system. I really love similar systems in other MMORPGs and so I was looking forward to this one. I even purchased several agent crates right away because I was so excited, though I will NEVER purchase one of those again. I really enjoy this game and I want to enjoy this system. I understand wanting to create a long term grind but just feel zero excitement. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Increase the drop rate of agents: I’m not trying to sound entitled, its about spurring the collecting part of people’s brains, you ‘gotta collect them all’. In this game the drop rate is bellow my personal ‘fun threshold’ so I simply don’t care about it. To balance, perhaps some higher level missions require multiple agents. I also think there should be some reason to have multiple copies of agents, perhaps unlocking a duplicate gives an XP bonus or a minor stat increase.

*The fatigue system is unnecessary: its just more irritation. Personally it hasn’t affected me that much because I’ve already lost interest in the system so I occasional chose an 8hr mission so I don’t really need to bother but I don’t really remember any such system from other games which just makes this seem even more lame.

*Add an overall ‘Leader’ experience bar: Basically not only do your agents get experience to rank up but you get experience added to your ‘leader level’. And at various ‘leader levels’ you get some fun bonuses. Combat bonuses are nice but if your afraid of balance issues just give things like titles, cloths, convenience bonuses, pets, ect. So maybe at leader level 20 you get a pet that looks like a generic agent for your faction to follow you around so you feel like a real leader. At level 30 you can summon an agent every 25hrs that acts as a vendor. At Level 40 you get a personal gofer which just means you get an extra 5 inventory slots. Whatever, it doesn’t really matter what you pick, its just something that you can make progress towards.

*Have missions reward MOF if they are successful: And they should always reward them, not have a chance of rewarding them. Of course I’m aware of balancing, I don’t think they should award many MOF. Perhaps a short, low level mission only awards a few MOF. This opens up additional ways to earn MOF and makes the system feel more rewarding.

*Add more slots: having multiple agents operating is more exciting and engaging and encourages you to check in more often.


I like the idea of leadership experience, but I imagine it more like weapon expertise. When your agents get XP, add 5% of that to your Leadership XP and each level of expertise gives a small bonus to agent efficiency. Things that will make it easier to manage more agents. Maybe things like:

  • increased XP from agent missions - because you’re getting better at teaching them
  • small increase to critical rate and success rate
  • unlock the ability to choose aggressive or cautious approach to put your whole bonus into either critical or success instead of a little in each
  • lower fatigue rate and duration, because that will still matter when you have 10 level 50 agents and get a new one to train from level 1
  • unlock more mission slots, probably at expertise 25 and 50, for thematic consistency
  • ability to send two agents on a mission, adding half the lower score to the higher for each rating, increasing the critical chance, but not the maximum reward, although both would get the XP, and they’d both have to fail to get a “Mission Complete”.
  • I like the idea of summoning an agent to run to the store for you (act as a vendor). I imagine that could be implemented as a Special assignment, which means you’d have to have use a mission slot for it for 15 minutes, or however long the vendor stays there. No costs or rewards or risks, just buying a convenience for some mission time.
  • ability to abort missions, for a proportion of the Mission Complete XP, with all costs spent and no reward. You probably wouldn’t want to do this, except perhaps for things like that vendor mission.
  • titles, outfits, pets, and conveniences are always good, and I don’t think you’ll find anyone ever disappointed with some bonus inventory space.