AgeofJedilands is brand new and up today



welcome to Age of Jedi lands. 10x pvp server. No gods rare wipes. Fast server great hoster out of dallas texas.
South of Noob river offers raid protection and building in Noob river = permanent raid protection as long as your base is t1 only.
Once you leave noob river all bases need to be t2 and up.
There is a 72 hour raid protection begins today at 3pm 772018 ending Tuesday at 7102018 at 3pm est.
this is a 70 slot us server. Jump in Enjoy the lag free play! Purges will not be turned on till wed afternoon!

Cheating admin like every other unnofical servers also clans join up 5v1 just to whipe you out giving you no chance to defend or have fun with the game. 6admins when their should only be 1. Do no recommend this server in any shape or form due to the cheating admin who help whiners who can’t raid. I’ve been on many unofficial server but this one cuts the cake at the worst I’ve ever been on.

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Let’s be clear you came from one server where you had much drama and I extended a hand said join my community. Your clan loved to be aggressive while not wanting to get to know anyone in the community I just a day ago asked everyone online to join us on discord to discuss any issues. Everyone logged on except your clan. When have a rule about raid protection that you ignored because it required you check discord. Than when you were informed by one of my admins instead of getting on discord to talk to us about your objections you immediately began to berate her and insult her and swiftly swore at her and said she was a cheating admin. Jazzy had done nothing to you. No one had attacked you we did not teleport you away and the reason we where online in the middle of the night was to punish a player who was raiding those on noob river that have permanent raid protection. Mind you apparently you love offline raiding and you turn around and gloat at the community. You are a cancerous clan and my community will not miss you.

I’ve been playing on Jedi Lands for three months. I don’t always agree with an admins decision in or out of game, I may not even like certain play styles or the way some of the admins interpret the rules of the server . However! I’ve never seen or heard of Jedi or any of his admins ever cheating, or showing bias toward one clan or another, one player or another. They’ve always been fair and honest to all who play on the server. The players who play on the server play to have fun, play to follow the rules, enjoy the server! Those that attempt to play on the server to cause drama, ignore the rules and cause headaches for both players and admins enjoy a short lived server experience and end up crying foul on the forums.

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Let’s tell some of our story, shall we.

We were raided and cleaned out our first day on server. Offline raided and never complained, just tried to rebuild.

We joined up with someone who helped us raid back the person that raided us. We moved into their base, based on their recommendation. After 2-3 days, while we were offline, they left with 99% of everything and went to another clan. We never complained, we moved to another location and rebuilt.

Once we got settled for the 3rd time in less than a week, we noticed Vechy took out some stuff we had in an unprotected outpost up in highlands. So for fun, we found his base and started raiding. We got wiped, had a decent fight, but was fun.

Last night we went out raiding and saw that big juicy base with lots of vaults. It was owned by KFC. They had a member named Xena on. Discord had no mention of KFC having raid protection. Turns out Discord said Black Keep, but the after they got their raid protection, they renamed their clan to KFC, but Discord wasn’t updated. When the admin came on and told us to stop, we did. Drez even mentioned he would talk with you and make it right on our voice chat.

There were a couple other raids I wasn’t a part of that might have been to people who were offline. Offline raiding was something we were greeted with on our first day on the server, so why wouldn’t we reciprocate? You calling us out here for offline raiding shows how inconsistent you are with how you and your admins run your server…and I’m pretty sure it’s not one of your rules.

Oh, and about the server we came from. It was ruined by an admin who was caught cheating (they were raided and had ridiculous loot, like 3k legendary repair kits, various purge thralls (purge was disabled) and more). The whole server ended up quitting and he ended up shutting it down or something. It had nothing to do with anything we did, or us being toxic.

Good luck with your server. If you don’t like people playing within your rules, add more and make it official – don’t make them up as you go.

1 Like this is what we did that night. and you were not punished at all for raiding. Jazzy just let you know that they were still under raid protection and you guys lost your minds about it and started attacking her in game. this is the proof. Quick note at the beginning we are punishing a player who raided a ton of folks on noob river and our server has a do not raid anyone noob river or south of noob river that has a base made out of t1.

“Oh, and about the server we came from. It was ruined by an admin who was caught cheating (they were raided and had ridiculous loot, like 3k legendary repair kits, various purge thralls (purge was disabled) and more).”
The server rewards players with non combat t4 thralls for upvoting the server, and i used to be part of that tribe and we had gotten all that through raiding people within a month and another thing is that we never had stocked up on legendary repair kits, you are just over exaggerating just to do a fail attempt at getting revenge.

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Hey dumbass duck he was talking about our old server not you lol think you need to learn to read.

Bye bye server haha.

Dresden101 you still salty? jesus Grow up child.

I’m not salty at all. Better server better people and only 1 admin who doesn’t even play. So no cheating :slight_smile: think the one that needs to grow up is the one who’s calling me a child. I responded to a duck nothing more nothing less. Also enjoy making you think I’m arguing on your server forum lol

Dezden if only you actually made sense.

hello thejedi a few days i ago create a character on your server and today I connect and see that my character had been removed, i dont have any problem with this, but I just want to know why my character was eliminated and If my character was eliminated for breaking a rule please tell me what rule was and I would like you to give me all the rules of the server to prevent my character from being eliminated again

(by the way, the character had the same name as my Funcom user and steam and I have already created a new character with the same name)

Hood the server was wiped just a few days ago. Because of the new update.