Aggro range issue at spider cave?

When nearing the spider cave, all the spiders seem to get aggro’ed at once, no spiders were left in the cave
Server: Testlive EU3

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I believe you show us Skittering Cavern in this video.

Sure, even in the regular build they’re many, and very agressive. But still, just spiders.
I mean, there is nothing in particular inside there, just spiders, and gossamers for those farming them.
It’s more a bit a challening passage for low level characters making it up to the tower of bat, but you can easily figure out an other way by climbing or crossing the river. Sure may be a surprise the first time a new player may run in this. :sweat_smile:

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There are many indeed, but normally they aren’t aggro’d all at once. Now they were.

May be a bug. I personally would half the outside horde and put them inside but, them defending their lair is quite cool in my opinion.

But the best is your reaction! I laughed my a$$ off :rofl:

Like said, there are other ways to go. You don’t need cross there, it’s more for the passage, or for the proper access of the cave itself.
And there is nothing inside than spiders. So indeed a spot to farm spiders.
You can easily avoid them by climbing the rocks, or cross the river.

Then once you just bit higher level, and equiped with a pike to poke them, they’re really no more a tread.
Sure, i don’t chose a hammer to fight spiders, i don’t use them anyway.

But for me it’s also ok to pack some back in the cave, i don’t care, but i don’t think they’re really a problem.
Some corrupted beasts in that aea can also be a real tread for new characers running the way. But that’s the game.

If anything should be a cluster agro though, a swarm of spiders feels just right:)

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