Aggro system needs attention

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THE AGGRO SYSTEM. Right now aggro is sporadic. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it works and when it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s “on” in one area and “off” in another. Sometimes it’s “on” during a seemingly-random time of day and other times “off.” Sometimes it’s either “on” or “off” throughout the whole map.

This has a significant impact on purge defense. If aggro is “off” when a base is subject to purge that base’s thralls will just stand around and do nothing. (This is also true for normal mobs who approach a base). There are already discussion threads complaining about do-nothing thralls who just stand around while a base is being demolished.

I ask Funcom to completely disable purges until the aggro system is fixed. Otherwise, all the time and expense a player puts into building a purge-resistant base will be wasted when he or she loses everything.


Its’s on their list.

LOL, them asking for repro is basically them admitting they don’t play their own game.

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Seriously, I have often wondered it they do. It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Funny they want us to reproduce it. If they make a new character on any official server, they will see just how horrible the aggro is. Some enemies attack, others completely ignore you untill you attack them first.

It depends on the time after a restart. There are phases they go through where only the NPCs you attack will attack back, where the NPCs wont attack back at all until 10 seconds or so after you start fighting them. There are certain NPCs that don’t fight back at all (like the T4 fighter Vanis in Volcano).

Even if they fight back, the AI is awful. Some have gotten better (like the Sabretooth) but more effort needs to be put into thrall AI and other wildlife.

Hello all,

Ive actually noticed that what has caused the lack of aggressive thralls on the official servers is that whenever the base and buildings are unable to be damaged, ( anytime between 5 and 11 pm) the thralls cannot be damaged and do not attack. They always spring to life right at five, or at least thats what ive observed

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agree, i played and still play lot, but had myself never this bug.

I see it all the time mentioned here and on steam, but fortunately i wasn’t plagued with this bug here. That’s often the tricky part, when bugs are not persistent, and happen for some players and not the other, or on some servers and game only.


It happens ALL the time. NPCs won’t attack, my thralls (whether deployed or in follow mode) will not defend me or even themselves, archers (of course) will never fire a bow, they will either remain idle or in the miraculous event that they do something, they’ll attack enemies in melee (yes they have bows and arrows equipped).

Last night I had half my thralls randomly decide to reset their “assigned position” to the middle of a doorway. Manually moving them away would work for a few seconds, then they’d sprint back to the door (and stand there doing nothing). There were no enemies present. Eventually they stopped, but I still had to log out and in five times (since moving one thrall would bug my character so I couldn’t move the others).

This was on an official server, so the usual “it’s probably mods” cop-out won’t suffice.

The entire Thrall/AI system still feels like an early tech-demo or alpha - and yet we’re months into what is purportedly a fully released game.

It’s such a pity, because this game has (had) HUGE potential.

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Sometimes I can walk right up to NPC’s that should attack me or animals that should attack me and nothing happens. Sometimes they come after me. It’s sporadic. It’s easy to reproduce. Play. Play for 6 hours straight. Every time you walk up to an NPC don’t attack automatically and see if they attack you. Are they supposed to? Most of them should given that I have been attacked at other times. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. And when they’re your own thralls they have the same issue. If they’re my thralls they better be attacking cause that’s what I put them there for but they don’t.

And what’s up with the thralls health going down to practically nothing all the time? They should have full health unless they’re fighting something and have been hit.

i can very well feel your frustration, but i think this issue is related to the server. It would be at Funcom and G-portal to work at those issues plaguing the official servers.

I played and play still a lot this game, this on my own server, other servers and SP. I played first the game without mod, for the game, then modded my game. You can check my steam and see how many hours i have, and believe me, i saw strange behaviors with NPC’s but didn’t run in the issue like you described it.

So i can imagine it’s server related. I have no clue what kind of server G-portal is using for official servers, i can only hope they set-up solid root-servers with the best available hardware.
It’s a difference to set-up a little server to play with 2-3 friends or run a big server up to 40 players, this on a daily-base, and building and destroying structures all the time.
Big servers cost money, theyr not cheap, that’s an other fact.

So, yes, let’s hope they can figure out the issue together, or set-up better servers.

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