Agility Weapons Choices Feel Lacking Compared To Strength

Damn, that sucks … but thank you for the explaination.
So what should I do with that RHTS Fighter ? Give him knives or give him Strenght Weapons (even tho he has 16 Strenght and 33 Agility) ?

Daggers probably, or go with a Strength weapon. The RHTS still has a decent melee damage modifier.

RHTS is a strong thrall regardless of the weapon you give them. Dalansia Snowhunter will do more damage with a Strength weapon of course, but only by about 10-15% total damage over all. RHTS will be better with daggers than Snowhunter by about the same amount.

You’ll need to decide if the extra damage from daggers is worth using them however. I usually go with Maces or Two-Handed swords on mine.

Yes, indeed, I prefer Strenght Weapons as well for my thralls, I just thought it could be better with agility weapons, since that stat was higher (double) than Strenght.

Of course if Daggers do more damage than Strenght Weapons I’d go with them, even thos they’re probably useless against bosses like Red Mother: the backflip is not enough to exit that beast’s AoE. Bleeding is cool tho, and the fact they can use Poison is even better, but both are not that good against bosses.

Poison for sure, but probably bleeding too (the one I apply with axe doesn’t do that much). I think I’d go with strenght weapons then. Thanks again.

Give him short sword

I experimented on a katana-wielding thrall back in 2.8 and it seemed to work pretty well. Not optimal, but with thralls being the superheroes they were, it was okay. They performed combos with decent success and regularity.

I haven’t got my hands on any katanas in 3.0 yet, but I intend to test that too. My current hypothesis is that with a greater emphasis on Strength buffs, katana will be a less effective weapon for thralls. Whether it’s a slightly suboptimal option, or a cripple-myself-completely option, remains to be seen.

This one has given out a couple katanas since the patch…

The results have been amusing.

There seems no rhyme or reason to when the thralls decides to go into Iaijutsu mode.
They will be doing well, making a few combos, and then, just crouch and get angry for a moment…
Then zoom!
Off in the direction of nothing in particular.

With the more fragile state of thralls now, perhaps it is good to just randomly ninja run out of combat?

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The reason it seems wonky is because they have no clue they are using a Katana. They believe its a Two-Handed Sword.

Imagine if you were told you were given a Two-Handed Sword, and told to attack. But you didn’t realize you were given a Katana. Now you’re heavy and light attacking as if it was a 2h Sword. That’s what the thralls are doing. They need their own entries for the combo sets.

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