AI Needs Update Watch Video have a salution

I’ve been doing some research on Unreal Engine 4 and how it uses AI, artificial intelligence. And I have come to the realization that once you take an NPC and turn them into the thrall you’re getting the stripped-down version with no way I. Are minimized AI, and after watching some of these tutorials it doesn’t look overly complicated I see the issue being potential load on the server there needs to be some passive AI behaviors implemented into the game.

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We have all been aware of this since before Launch, and then it got worse with the MOAP. Supposedly there is a big AI overhaul coming to Testlive #soon (along with bow mechanic changes, and loading optimization).

Some of the problems come with aggro in different play modes. PVE doesn’t let thralls attack everything, and it causes a conflict.

Good point about the PvE server, Thralls also need to be able to go out and do stuff like chop wood and get fish


Devkit is free to download. Have at it since it looks so easy to you.


I would like to download the DevKit where can i get that at?

Epic launcher. If you are a fortnight player, it’s the same launcher used for that on PC. If not, you have to create a free Epic account and download the UE4/Epic launcher, and go to the mod tab. From there, select Conan Exiles and download.

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