AI NPCs, Animal Pets, Efficiency NPCs according to races / factions (Question & Suggestions)

  1. AI: it would be wise to perfect the behavior of NPCs (fighters, archers, porters, dancers…), AI does not work well sometimes (or often), it does not react to a threat, when I I took aggro on a creature or something else, or it takes a long time to react.

Archers sometimes (and often) even shoot at a creature that has been dead for 30 seconds !

  1. “Passive” mode: it lacks an interaction option with its own Thralls (fighters, archers, dancers …): the “passive” mode, in the same way as the “stop following me” option. One could even consider the option “Defensive”.

  2. Question: is the effectiveness of thralls of the same level and of all races (hyborian, stygian … etc.) or factions (black hand, relic hunter … etc.) Is the same for all ?

  • Archers, for example, who are all lvl 3 (T3), but of various origins (races and factions) do they have the same effectiveness in combat ? : damage, ability with all weapons, health points… etc.?
  1. I have a little nostalgia of the time when I was a hunter in another game that I will not name, I loved capturing pets of different breeds (animals or other strange creatures): felines, wolves…etc., etc.
  • I would be very happy if it could be implemented in the game. We can capture NPCs, I do not see why we could not do the same for non-human farts (animals and others, not all obviously, maybe not the rhinoceros neither the elephant but others of smaller sizes, such as felines, wolves, bears, scorpions … etc.) !

It happens with fighters thralls as well.

i suggest you to have a look at the topic i will link in the next post, you’ll probably find some answers there.

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