Ai update date release

is there any word on when its dropping? getting tired of my archer constantly breaking and not shooting

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In the interim use fighters, they seem to make for better archers than actual archers, just give em a bow and watch them actually shoot at enemies and not constantly try shoot into the wall in-front of them.

Archers have a tendency to shoot low as they try to get cripple effect off by default, this means they aim at enemies legs and so struggle to fire over fences and walls, Fighters on the other hand don’t have the problem and aim high e.g. chest/head region. Fighters in my experience also dont derp out and not agro properly as often as archers seem to.


Welcome to the comunity. I will need some more info for your non shooting archer. For example, do you have a secondary weapon to your archer?

i managed to get him working again tried some of the stuff i read, including switching around the two wepaons he came with but giving him my kopesh seemed to kick it back into working but still had problems where he would slowly wander off in one direction after a fight or completely ingore enemies while slow walking away

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Exactly the point. Giving one handed weapons to archers confuse their AI. Bow is two handed so their secondary must be two handed too. Any two handed it doesn’t matter. Do yhis and you will see great change on your archers reactions.

i see the update just dropped but archers are still doing that weird stuff where they randomly fire in a direction constantly

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