Aiming problem with weapons and tools! Can be a serious bug!

maybe, really i don’t know.

I had one character having this bug since start. So at least nearly unplayable. I didn’t realy care because it was just one char more to test stuff. But yes, you can make one character, and never see this bug, like most my characters i made, then one, wicht is plagued with this issue. What did happen ? Realy hard to tell after.
I should make a serie characters just for that, but it’s bit boring and very time-consuming.

Yeah there is indeed some inconstancy with this bug which makes it hard to handdle/ predict.

And eventhough it’s def not guaranted at all that you’ll get the bug if you walk around trees and tents with your weapons/ tools equiped (there is something complicated and specific with the exact triggering) this is what can cause the bug imo, along with the big size of certain ennemies.
And i have already managed to avoid this bug for a descent period of time (or at least i like to believe it :smiley: ) with the clear intention of avoiding things mentioned previously in order to get my damm altar of ymir upgraded as soon as possible. Because yeah, ymir relgion tool and this bug are NO friends to each other.

Again, only my simple opinion though, i can of course be totaly wrong here.

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Thanks everyone,
Taking this back to the team to get some input.


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I have kind of the same issue when trying to harvest mushrooms with a pick. I cannot hit the mushrooms on perfectly flat ground, I must be on a little bit of incline and stand down hill of them to make contact with the pick.

I still maintain that this is something with the aim-offset and from what I’ve seen it is tied to the player’s skeleton. It seemingly has a 50/50 chance of happening any time you load into the game, whether it’s at start or being killed.

Loading in again seems to be the only way to attempt to fix it either by relogging or dying/removing bracelet. It probably has something in common with the bug where cloth/hair physics will stop working on a character - and that appears to have a higher chance of happening if you adjust the scale of your character during creation.

EDIT: I’ve been meaning to link a screenshot of how the character model looks when this bug happens but admittedly it’s drastically stopped how often it will occur lately, and it illustrates why I think it’s tied to whatever script or blueprint they have for aim offset having a chance at breaking upon character load.

Even in first person the upper body will still move with the camera but when it happens, this is what you get. Normally I play in third person but have a habit of going into first person when loading the game and doing a quick look down.

dying or reloading makes no difference for me. It seems my character hits the ground with the tool unless there is a mushroom there, then it seems like I am too tall and cant hit the ground.

Naice. I know this “disease” ^.^
Since the last two Updates my char is stuck in this stiff non-animation, when starting/loading (singleplayer) game.
I can’t aim up or down mentioned in this thread.
Lucky me; reloading / restarting the game 2 or 3 times fixes this. Usually 2 times. And it’s only in singleplayer; I’ve never encountered this in multiplayer.
This is one annoying feature <.<

Same here,

I just got worried as I could not “get back the eyes out of the brain”. I got them back after some load/unload of mods (not activated) … I think it’s just the few additional restarts that put the camera at the right place.

Hey, so I play SP on XB1 and have been experiencing this bug for the last few days. I finally got to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to try to fix it myself. After reading through this thread (and several others), I believe I have fixed it, for the time being at least.

What I did was back out to the main menu and load back in a few (3) times. This did not fix it, but then I removed the bracelet, and after I respawned, everything was fixed. This includes broken first person PoV & body physics (which have been broken since I started this character).

I’m pretty sure the bugs will pop up again soon enough, but this seems like a reliable, albeit temporary, fix until Funcom can fix it for good.

TLDR: Reload a few times and then remove the bracelet. Bugs should be fixed after respawn.