Aka Princess Caroline

A Reminder of Who I Once Was:

 Once upon a time, I was a Nordic Princess of a renowned tribe in Scandinavia.

A time so long ago when I enjoyed all that being the daughter of a (perceived) Norse God could offer.
I was well educated in History, the Fine Arts, and Sciences. I was trained in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. I was a force to be reckoned with. However, I could not escape the duties of being a princess and the sacrifice it would someday bring to bear upon me. When I became of age, at sixteen, I was forced into a prearranged marriage. In an effort to stop a long-standing war with the Netherlands I became a promised bride to the Duke of Cimmerian. When I refused to take part in this prearranged marriage my father, the King, had me shipped off to the Land of Exiles where I was taken out into the middle of a barren desert… stripped naked, hung on a cross, and left for dead.

 As I hung on that cross dying of thirst; my skin ravaged by the scorching 

windswept desert sands; and all while black wings circled overhead, fate would soon intervene.

 Through sand-filled dry eyes, I glimpsed a figure of a man approaching. 

“Are you thirsty dead woman,” the Cimmerian barbarian asked?

 As week as I was, I could only nod in affirmation.

“Shall I cut you down from that corpse tree,” he continued?

 Again, I could only nod in affirmation.

 As the Cimmerian cut me free from my cross he offered me of his animal 

skin filled water and told me of the harshness of these exiled lands. He told me of the dangers and what areas I should avoid. He also told me of his name, “Conan”… Conan the Barbarian to whom
I owe my life.

 After Conan left me in the desert I made my way to the broken Bridge 

and there I began to find shelter and to begin eking out a living in these cursed exile lands. Every day was a struggle for survival fighting off diseases, corruption, and deadly wildlife; cannibals, imps and desperate exiles.

 Sometime later while traveling through the unnamed city I found my way to 

Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters… a trading city. It was here that I ran into
Conan once again, in a tavern. As I learned and grew with the exile lands
I found
my way north to Icespire Chasm; just south of the volcano; where I established
an interconnected compound atop of the many pinnacles that jut up from the lake below.
Here I am no longer Princess Caroline. I am the queen of my own destiny.

Aka Princess Caroline

Feels good mang

I sincerely apologize for how messed up the writing is. Forums are terrible places to get creative. I should have known better.


Just waiting for the sequel. I’m assuming an evil wizard does the turning-into-cat thing?

(if this makes no sense, it’s just my Monday morning type humour… but the character depicted is Princess Carolyn from the show BoJack Horseman. Seemed impossible not to do the reference).

Stay tuned!

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