Akros RPvP NA Server

Server Name: Akros
CAtegory: RPvP
Age Restrictions: 18+
Location: NA
Discord: J2jPQC8
Akros is a mature roleplaying server for players age 18 or older.
We have a faction system and custom questlines implemented for our players, along with an active admin team. Stop into our discord for server and connection info and rules.

Core to this is our system of factions. Look on them not as clans, but as cultures and ideologies that bind groups together. Any one faction can have several clans within them, and you can even play solo within a faction. At the same time you will be able to face the realities of legal systems and rituals, and even political manoeuvring that can, and will happen in factions. On top of this, there are the rivalries between each faction. It is a system meant to bring politics, intrigue and conflict to role play. If you wish you can also play without joining a faction, or join one at a later date, however if you are without a faction you will of course not have their support or aid, and may even be seen as an easy target. Life outside the factions may well be interesting, more so if you manage to convince one to support and protect you.

Lastly, new players will find that great care is being taken to build a healthy and thriving economy on the server. There are ways to make coin, and even more ways to spend it. Mechanically this means that some rates may be lower than you are used to. It’s not done to hamper growth, it’s been done to encourage interdependence and to generate active trade between individuals and groups.

Always remember. On Akros RP is by far the main focus, and your own actions can, and often will, result in reactions from other members of the community. Raiders and pirates will be hunted, the weak enslaved, and the strongest players can fall. Life in Akros, after all, is always interesting, and very rarely fair.

Server Mod List
Savage Steel:
I.S Stacks:
Conan Sexiles:
Thrall Wars
RP Aesthetics:
Shendelzare’s Secret:
Aquilonian Females:
Unlock plus:
Stone Statues: