Alchemical Upgrade

What about more in depth alchemy like where the alchemical ingredients have properties of their own and the more feat points you put into say survival the more you know about those properties in different ingredients and can make more potions that have different effects good and bad where you can kind of make your own potions. Like in skyrim where you have to test different ingredients to learn a certain effect. Just a thought maybe?

I wouldn’t mind a corruption orb kinda like gas orbs

I’m thinking bigger than jsut an additional orb. I mean potion making all together full customization like a true alchemist that knows ingredients and it’s properties.

I would honestly prefer the dyes being into their own workbench as it clutters the alchemist with too many things. Doesn’t have to be a table, it can be something small like the grinder with maybe some flasks and beakers or something.

The whole thought process here is to kill 2 to 3 birds with one stone. With orbs you can makes so many different ones to appease the use of “Magic” and to do the healing aspect too with the dye I would have to agree. But for some I would say an orb with a healing mist would have to work on your tribe and not others or a smoke orb would be nice I would also say mixing for potions to make a movement speed could be fun. There are so many things an “Alchemists” should be able to do. I would personally see temps actually mean something then some other ideas would come into play

Oh yeah definitely! Just based on what alchemist can do try limited that possibility way to much in the true aspect of the time period IMO.