Alcohol and elixir of might do no stack

When I take warpaint +3 str, then elixir of might +3 str, then alcohol for + 3str. I still have + 6 str.
But when make same for accuracy - I get + 14 accuracy(jhebbal sag potion instead alcohol).

Jhebbal Sag’s potion is a special potion that gives a unique buff.

The +Strength buff given by alcohol is the same buff given by the Elixir of Might, so they do not stack.

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That what I say - and this is a bug - cause potion is harder to craft then any alcohol. And potion also do not give vitality

There is a potion of vitality has heart symbol on it And potion effects don’t stack with alcohol effects nor does encumberance potion stack with rhino head soup.
The only things that do stack are worn items/weapons with effects potions OR/ alcohol effects gained thru alcohol or crimson loutus powder x5 which gives vitality and str.


It is not a bug, it is how potions work. If they give the same stat, that stat will not stack. both give +3 strength that part overlaps and only one +3 strength is applied. all other stats which are different (such as the +3 vitality) will be applied. You can see the effects here:

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And this is wrong - the might potion is useless - it costs too much and give less than alcohol
I can get + 14 accuracy with buffs, but max + 6 strength -_-

not a bug though

Ok - bad game design - but it is an issue

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