Alcohol/Drunk Status Effects in 3.0

I’m not sure if this is “as intended,” but alcohol now has no use. It still has alcohol poisoning, headaches, and blurry vision, but it provides no positive effects to replace the increase to Strength and Vitality from 2.8.

In case this was “as intended,” I’m going to briefly make the case for why the old system was good. In 2.8, getting more and more Drunk would give you progressively higher Strength and Vitality bonuses which would last for a pretty extended time (I think about an hour). However, Drunk would mess up your vision for awhile (it actually did make fighting harder, though not impossible, IME), cause progressively more damage through alcohol poisoning, and cause a dehydrating headache. Alcohol was also pretty heavy. In practice, this meant that you usually wanted to have a “feast” before going out on adventures, which was a great little bit of thematic RP built into the game mechanics. You’d gather together with your companions, some entertainers for health regeneration, and a Savory Feast or similar, and drink up. The dancers and feast would be enough to prevent you from dying of alcohol poisoning (which at 8 drinks was quite possible). Dealing with the headache provided a little denouement, and the whole experience was rewarded by substantially boosted attributes for the next day, giving a sense that partying, living well, and carousing, all classic objectives for adventurers, had an actual positive effect on your barbarian’s well-being. On long treks the party might want some extra alcohol packed so that you could drink some at a safe camping site without returning to base.

If I were to guess, this needed a nerf primarily because combining alcohol with antidotes allowed one to get the benefits and instantly remove the poisoning, skipping to the headache phase. But it seems more likely, to me, that alcohol would have been yet another “food” bonus (like Ambrosia, Rhino Head Soup, etc), which 3.0 wisely only allows one of at a time. As such, perhaps alcohol was considered just a worse version of food, as food would have all of the same benefits and none of the negative effects.

Instead of relegating alcohol to RP only, I’d suggest adding an alcohol bonus “slot” to allow its bonuses to stack with food, akin to how potions and food can currently coexist. To prevent this from being overpowered (though, was anyone complaining about this?), the effects can be relatively small compared to food or potions, though I’d hope they’d still be long-lasting and relatively broad in effect. This would return parties to their former glory, and indeed, with Lasting Feasts (etc.) providing complementary long-lasting effects, would enhance them further.

(Edit: it occurs to me that teetotalers might want tea ceremonies to have similar effects occupying the same slot, or perhaps felt left-out from the buffs in 2.8. If it can be worked out how to make that sort of nonalcoholic alternative inconvenient to quickly apply to your character in the middle of an adventure, I think that would be cool, too).


I also hope this was unintentional and will be fixed soon. A mature game with complete nudity, decapitation, and now human sacrifice really doesn’t have a leg to stand on if this was removed for content reasons. Conan was a barbarian, not an accountant. Bring the alcohol effects back please.

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At this point alcohol in the game is completely useless. An entire system of alcohol crafting now is completely useless. Why bother making drinks when all you get is alcohol poisoning and not benefits.


I’m still making some drinks and stockpiling in the hopes that this gets fixed.

Realism? The net negative effect of alcohol isn’t stopping people in the real world either; some people just want to get drunk.

Alcohol use is still listed as one of the reasons for the game’s age restrictions, so I don’t think this is the doing of a religious purist or something.