All assets gone

So My question: Did everything I have, had built, bugged out? Or is this a new mechanic because I was gone for two weeks?

So, after being on vacation for two weeks, I eagerly fire up my computer and launch Conan… Update… woo hoo… A big update, Do the dance… Until I get into the game and everything I have is gone. All I have are the items in my inventory from when I logged off last. All three bases are gone in their entirety… As I understand it, A wipe is coming next weeks for launch. But that essentially means, anything I do between now and then is pointless.

Oh, and the event log blames the Ruin system for a few items…

your base decayed after being gone so long. It’s part of the in game system. Worth noting though is that if you are playing solo you can adjust these settings so the decay system is much slower or off altogether, on official servers however you will have to log in at least every couple days to make sure the ruin system doesn’t erase your bases.

Even if you log in every day, bases will still decay if you do not actively repair them. We moved from a very small base in the south to a new one near the savanna and when we went back to our original base it was completely gone. Checked the EVENT LOG and RUIN SYSTEM took it out completely. We logged in every day, but did not go to that base to check on the decay or to repair any of the building pieces.

my bad…you have to log in AND be near your structure…you don’t have to repair it…just walk close to it.

I f you are on an official server or using the official server settings, the rule is your base goes into decay after 6 days, and despawns the next time the server has to draw it after 7.